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Women’s Breasts and the Snowflake Principle

Have you ever been certain of your bra size, and tried one on with those same measurements only to find it didn’t fit or looked awful? The simple explanation is that size isn’t the only factor at play. Different bra styles and features are just as important.

With the cold weather setting in, I’m reminded of the old adage about no two snowflakes being alike. The same goes for women’s breasts. I launched an online tool earlier this year that walks you through a series of questions about your unique shape and breasts to help you determine which bras and features will give you the most flattering silhouette.

So far, more than 300,000 women have used my Know Your BreastsTM Bra Finder. It takes into account a range of characteristics, and includes illustrations to aid in classifying your individual body based on the following:

Additional considerations like prominent nipples, large areolas, narrow or sloping shoulders, oversized upper breasts, skin flaps, latex allergies, and height are also covered.

The questions take only a few minutes to complete. Your results are then immediately tabulated and you’ll receive an email with a list of the bras I’ve carefully vetted to address your specific needs. You’ll get the most out of this tool standing in front of the mirror and actually looking at your breasts while answering the questions. A lot of ladies tell me that they couldn’t have accurately responded without doing so. It may seem strange, but we women just really don’t know what we have sitting right in front of us.

Please make time to try it.

In upcoming blogs, I’ll discuss some of the interesting statistics revealed by the hundreds of thousands of women who’ve used the survey. Let me know if you found it useful.

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