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Tomima Talks: Your Golden Oldies that have stood the test of time

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

There’s an alchemy to enduring design. Beauty beguiles and craftsmanship inspires, but sustained longevity is the ultimate glory.

Allow me to introduce – or perhaps reintroduce – you to 12 beloved bra styles that have earned their chops over many years. Their fit is outstanding. Their look is timeless. Their size range stretched to design limitations. And none are headed towards retirement any time soon. Also, due to their lastingness, most are available in many colors along with matching panties to create a set.

Tired of seeing your favorite bra discontinued? Then take a fancy to one of these and know they’ll be around for years to come.

This decades-old, front-closure, decolletage bra was an extremely bold offering. At the time it was introduced it was the first sexy looking bra that came in inclusive sizing and with a front closure.

Designed by Linda Tauzs, who is now retired. She started in the bra industry as a teenage lingerie fit model. She was just beginning her design career when she came up with this revolutionary design. Tauzs selected a totally flat, yet decorative stretch lace to prevent show-through. The stretch gave the wearer a more custom fit. She also sewed in an internal support sling along the bottom of the cups to give uplift and padding over the underwire. That this front close bra fits and supports so well reflects Linda’s design talent and experience as a model.

The Glamorise Wonderwire was an immediate bestseller and has been for decades. The Glamorise company now only makes bras.

Elomi Matilda EL8900

This Elomi Matilda has such a reliable fit on so many, it has become the fit bra of choice when helping curvy women find their correct bra size.

Specifically designed for the full-busted and the full-figured by a large-breasted designer, the underwire plunge neckline is a great fit for women – especially those with close-set breasts. The pared down under arms and added j-hook on the straps means it also fits petites and short-waisted women too. The sheer embroidered upper cup gives the illusion of a demi cut while actually providing full cup coverage. Young and old alike simply love this bra which is why it has been and will continue to be a top seller.

Elomi makes sure to announce fashion colors with matching panty silhouettes every season. There’s always a new color with a guaranteed great fit.

Available colors & sizes

Goddess Keira Banded Underwire Bra GD6090

The Goddess Keira bra is another busty woman’s dream. It’s been Goddess’ bestseller for years because of its perfect combination of seam placements that brings the girls front & center and out from under the wearer’s underarms. There’s a fun expression now tied to this bra: you feel “locked & loaded” for the day once you put it on.

Sheer top panels give a sexy and less covered appearance. The satin simplex fabric guarantees clothes glide on smoothly. And, the fit is almost universal – fitting virtually every full-figure type, including pendulous breasts.

Goddess does a great job selecting beautiful colors each season. Their matching panties are so popular that we struggle to keep them in stock.

The name “glossies” in England can mean a bright, shiny, iridescent surface. So, a fitting name for Gossard’s flagship bra style. First introduced in the 1970s it quickly became a bestseller. It was the first sheer cup bra on the market and helped create the “topless fashion” trend popular during the women’s liberation movement when women were burning their bras. This bra became an acceptable alternative for women still wanting breast support but also wishing to join the movement and look semi-braless.

This bra has remained a classic because every woman looks sexy wearing a sheer, almost transparent, bra. Seamless, soft, supportive, and iridescent, this Glossies bra by Gossard is a timeless legend. And there are several matching panty styles to finish the look.

It took 5 years to develop, test, and then deliver to consumers. This Panache wired sports bra is the bestselling sports bra on the market and with the largest size range. It encapsulates your breasts without compression so you can breathe while wearing it. Yet, it’s also able to prevent almost all breast bounce. No wonder it has enormous popularity.

Designer Clare Robertson, who sadly passed 2 years ago, developed this bra. She leaves behind an incredible legacy that continues to live on through her creations. Working with Panache for over 25 years, she was one of the very first bra designers to see the need for larger cup sizes that would truly support, separate, and uplift. She successfully created bras that went up to K(D11) cup sizing.

New colors and prints are regularly launched. We offer some exclusive prints that can only be found at HerRoom.

This beautiful 15 year-old Madison bra style comes with many statistics. The first, and most fun, is that it contains more parts than a digital radio (which has 20 btw…)! The Madison also requires 35 minutes to stitch together and between 40-50 people involved to complete its manufacture.

Why is this bra so beloved and timeless? Besides its beauty, it was the first bra to put stretch lace along the top of the cups. This makes the Madison a more custom fit for all – especially women who don’t have even breast sizes. The underwires are not flat but instead are curved to flex in every direction. This prevents digging in when wearing. Even its lining is made with a power mesh fabric to give additional internal lift and centering. And, matching panty silhouettes in a myriad of colors are available to create a beautiful set.

Feminine, flattering, and featherlight. That pretty much sums up this Natori Feathers Bra. For over a decade, this bra has been a staple with thousands of 5-star reviews. It’s also been seen on several celebrities, including Lady Gaga.

Timing is everything, and this bra was introduced during a time when requests for a plunge-style bra were on the rise. The feather lace design with its 3D effect was also new and eye catching thanks to Italy’s new Super Textronic lace machines. A star was born.

Today you can find the Feathers Contour Plunge Bra and matching panties in almost every color imaginable. Natori’s commitment to comfort means the Feathers Collection of products is a pleasure to wear.

Who would guess this sexy, daring, demi bra has been around for over 25 years? The Timpa company began in Amsterdam in 1952 with the aspiration of giving a boost of comfort and support to smaller chested and petite women.

The Duet Lace Collection (recently renamed to Alice) touts a fun and youthful look. Designed with a patented soft airy sheer crocheted lace, it has just the right stretch to provide a nice, natural lift. And, this bra was the first on the market to have a seamless, lacy cup. A super comfortable bra to wear.

It’s still sold all over the world and comes in many colors. Several matching panty silhouettes are available to create a set.

The distinctive Charlotte, with its signature corsetry styling and tuxedo bow, was designed specifically for full-busted and full-figured women many years ago. This sexy, yet sophisticated, lightly padded bra provides the ultimate lift and support. The 3-part cup features a side sling for centered shaping. The power mesh back adds extra support and smoothing. Many women collect this bra and panty set, so stand at the ready when a new color is introduced. It really makes a striking set.

Quick Note: The next 3 bra styles come in very limited colors. Color is based on the fabric and lace’s ability to be dyed. These 3 styles have elements that do not accept dyes. So, each color they are made in requires that the fabric be made in that specific color, which is more expensive.

While researching for this talk, I learned that this Chantelle Fete bra style was Chantelle’s first ever bra introduced to consumers. And the style number of 1960 was the year it was introduced.

The Fete has always had a huge U.S. following. So, I know about all the pleading by my buying team to keep this style from being discontinued. It’s working. Chantelle is continuing to make this style, but it’s only available in the U.S. market and only in two colors.

This heritage style with its iconic circle patterned lace, which lays flat under most clothing, has a retro-chic look. Unlike most bras, the cup shape is slightly conical – the shape of a true breast – rather than a round mound. The Fete’s horizontal cup seaming not only provides maximum support, but a very forward look while maintaining breasts in their true shape.

First, the fabric is a Supplex. It feels like cotton, is breathable, and wicks moisture. So, back when it was launched, it really was one of the original sports bras before the sports bra category emerged.

This bra was really one of the first racerback styles – a highly comfortable cut for active women. The mesh “windows” at the top of the cups signaled to the consumer that she could wear this and remain cool and dry. Finally, the convenience of a front closure sealed its popularity. Even today, it still has a light and modern look which keeps customers of all ages coming back for it.

In November of 2005, The Oprah Winfrey Show did a “Bra Revolution”. Oprah was fitted into this Dream Tisha bra style, declared it her favorite, and its sales went through the roof. Since then, it has always been known as the “Oprah Bra”. Later in 2007, Oprah went on vacation. When she returned, rumors swirled that she had gone in for a breast lift. On YouTube, you can see the segment where she pulls back her jacket proclaiming this bra for the reason her bustline looks so lifted.

This bra is unique in that it was the first truly seamless, supportive t-shirt bra for larger cup sizes. Made with a more rigid foam, it gives the wearer great support and breast definition. The underwires are also padded for comfort.

Final Thoughts…

Did you know that if your cup size is larger than a D, the letter or letters used to name your cup size will vary depending on the manufacturer and country? This can be confusing and frustrating. But I’ve got good news! This cup naming dilemma has been solved with our exclusive Universal Cup Sizing™ (UCS®). It’s simple to use and understand. Once you know your UCS®, you’ll order the correct size every time whether your brand is from the US, EU, or UK. Here’s to simple shopping! Watch the video to FIND YOUR UCS®.

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