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Tomima Talk: Lingerie Solutions to Beat-The-Heat

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

“Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo…” And I say it’s all right… as long as we’re wearing lingerie that can take the heat.

Here’s a quick rundown of summer solutions to help keep you cool and dry as you head out into warmer temperatures.

Pettipant, Culotte & Pant Liner

Call them what you will, but I think these types of slips are the bomb when it comes to longer skirts and white pants in the summer. They provide opacity, modesty, smoothness, and an instant lining to any garment. They are loose, so allow air to your body. And they don’t get tangled up like a full slip can between your legs.

Spacer Foam Bras

When a piece of lingerie claims to be made in spacer foam, it means its fabric breathes and wicks to keep you cool and dry. Spacer foam is not really foam at all. It’s a special knitting technique that creates air pockets inside the fabric that allows airflow through the fabric, thus keeping you cool and airy. And these little air pockets feel slightly spongy to the touch. When looking for a t-shirt bra or a sports bra, if the words “spacer” or “spacer foam” are used in the description, it’s using this very summer-friendly and cooling fabric.

These are some of our most popular bras that use spacer foam knit:


This has been an interesting new lingerie accessory category. These products protect your inner thighs from uncomfortably rubbing together, creating what’s known as “chub rub”. Both options are invisible under clothing.

Breathable Breast Enhancers

For those of you who wear a pad in your bra cups due to unevenness or to give your breasts a boost, you know they can quickly become hot to wear. Good news is that there is now a breathable breast enhancer on the market. Each in the pair is designed for a specific side and is marked either “R” or “L”.


This go-to summer fabric is always a great choice. In our “features” filter you can either select “cotton”, which means it contains cotton, or you can select 100% cotton if that is your preference. Visit our cotton page where we provide quick links for every category containing cotton. We even offer a latex-free link. And, for those wishing to better understand the different types of cotton, you will find a more in-depth explanation in my Tomima Talk about cotton.

Cotton Slips – For you purists wanting 100% cotton slips, you know they are very hard to find. My buyers did a great job finding all that are currently available in the market.

Cleavage Separation

Your breasts should not touch each other while wearing a bra. If they do, you are in the wrong bra size or the wrong bra style. When breasts touch for long periods of time, they get hot, perspire, rub, and can develop a rash. For these reasons, the correct bra and size are critical – especially in warmer weather. If you are a frequent reader of my Talks, you’re familiar with our Yikes & Yeahs quizzes. Here are examples showing you the issue and solutions:


Wicking fabric has been around a long time. But the clever Under Armour company marketed its qualities extremely well and won a following.

When a fabric says it has wicking qualities, this means the fabric transports your body moisture away from your body and brings it to the fabric’s surface for evaporation. Unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture and holds it, wicking fabrics are mostly made in 100% polyester.

Here’s a question I’ve always had that no one has ever satisfactorily addressed. If I’m wearing wicking sleepwear, where is the moisture going? My conclusion? I think right into my sheets.

Lots of our categories include products made in wicking fabrics.

Mesh & Lace

Of course, mesh and lace are natural airy fabrics. They, too, guarantee air flow and coolness.

Mesh – And, mesh lingerie products have become very popular in recent years due to their innate sheer sexiness. Segments of mesh are also being added strategically in sports bras and other garments to give targeted breathability.

Lace – Both lace and embroidery on top of mesh are the original breathable fabrics. And, with modern day technology, their pricing is now much more affordable.


For you mothers-to-be, we have one product we know you’ll enjoy. This pull-on, smooth and seamless belly band gives great invisible support, while keeping you cool during your final trimester. Comes in a 2 pack and in 3 colors.

Final Thought…

Have you thought about what you’ll pack to go on vacation this summer? Well, you’re in luck, all the solutions I’ve listed above are totally travel worthy. Plus, we’ve created a shopping page to help you pack The Travel-Ready Suitcase full of fast-drying, cooling, wicking and wrinkle free options, from bras to sleepwear to socks and swim — all perfect companions no matter where your sense of adventure takes you.

Fondly, Tomima Founder & CEO

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