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Are You Blue? Trends in Lingerie Colors

Color has always been popular in lingerie and never more so than now.  If you’re someone who’s always been  ‘married’ to basic colors like nude and black, now is the time to experiment. Manufacturers have become more and more mindful of runway color trends, offering pieces in exciting new shades. One color that’s really standing out right now is blue, the world’s most popular color. Shades range from warm teal blues like Biscay Bay, which is a serene blue warmed with tinges of green, to a deep Reflecting Pond blue–cool, composed and sophisticated.

Blue in all its shades can substitute for (or enhance) the basics in your lingerie wardrobe. Pastels like pale aqua or a pale grey blue made a splash this year and work well with the powdery winter pastels that showed up in collections by Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni and more. Deep, bold blues work as well as black and are flattering to so many skin types, including fairer skin, which isn’t always at its best in black. One of the most interesting blues to come along is seen in the Intuition collection by Chantelle. The color is deep without being bright, cool, but not dark and indescribably French. Take a look at Chantelle’s Intuition collection  or shop bras by color and fall in love with blue

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