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Packing Panache: How to Take Your Lingerie on the Road

“What will I wear?”

That’s probably the first question you ask yourself when you think about how to pack a suitcase for a trip. But, equally important is, “What will I wear . . . underneath?”

It’s a package deal. Think about it. Have you ever packed your favorite sultry sundress – and not your strapless bra? Or, have you forgotten that perfect bra you always wear with your t-shirts, the one that caresses your curves but maintains your modesty?

We also may forget that lingerie is where our comfort journey begins – at home and, particularly, on the road. Yet, for so many of us, it can be an afterthought. Do you count out the number of bras you’ll need for a vacation without thinking about what you’re wearing with them? That’s why I am all about travel and women’s lingerie today. Let’s take a quick look at your packing list and some fresh ideas to help you hit the highway with ease.

  1. Hold, Don’t Fold

Do not to fold your contour bra cups into themselves or flip one inside out to nest in the other when you pack, because you’ll ruin your t-shirt bras. This creates creases that are very difficult to remove – especially if your bras are made of polyurethane. However, if you choose t-shirt bras made of spacer foam or memory foam, they’ll return to their natural shape if crushed. And, spacer foam has the added benefit of being breathable. Here’s one of my favorite tips – use your bra cups as soft containers to hold your hosiery or even your delicate panties. This makes the most of your space, too, when you’re travelling light or packing tight for a spontaneous weekend getaway.

  1. Sisterhood of the Travelling Lingerie

Have you heard the term “travel jewelry” – or bling to go? You may have a special collection of baubles you reserve just for travel – and you can apply the same concept to your lingerie. I own a few bras that I travel with, because I’m fine if they might get smashed. I’m prepared for it. If they bounce back, great, if not, I won’t be crushed. So, I travel most often with these bras and maybe one nice one if I’ll be getting dressed up.

  1. Bras with Benefits

A convertible bra is one of your best travel accessories, because it can accommodate almost anything you pack or do. Yes, plan your trip wardrobe first, but then, mindfully select the lingerie that will make it look absolutely fabulous. In addition to enhancing your excursion, a quality bra that does lots of tricks also takes the stress out of packing. Another option is seamed-cup bras. I have found they work well in any suitcase, because they don’t require the care of contour-cup bras. The cups lie flat, so you can fold them together. If you crunch the cups, they will come out of your suitcase and onto your body without any damage.

  1. Go the Distance

If you remember only one of these tips, this should be it. At the end of the day, less is more. Be sure you have a go-to bra that also goes the distance — all day and into the wee hours. It should be comfortable enough to weather changing itineraries and feminine enough to flatter your figure for an impromptu evening out.

Remember, lingerie is your most intimate travel companion – with the ability to support you throughout the day and maximize your experience throughout the trip. Are you ready to start packing? Find the best underwear for women on

Bon voyage . . . and find a better fit,


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