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Lingerie Patrol: The Met Costume Institute Gala

The Met Gala, which kicks off the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute fashion exhibit, is undeniably the most fashionable formal event of the season. Each year the gala has a theme and this year it celebrated Charles James, the designer known as America’s First Couturier for his structured,  almost sculptural  fashions. Hosted by Vogue Magazine, the gala raises millions of dollars for the Costume Institute and is considered one of the most exclusive  red-carpet events of the year. Every year sees enormous star-power as celebrities bring out the big fashion guns, like Cinderellas dressing for the ball of their lives. Naturally, it’s an event where we expect fashion perfection, but like all high-wattage celebrity events, there are those who get it right and those who…well, just don’t.  Being a lingerie retailer, the aspect I always notice first is the bustline. Decolletage, strapless bodices and gowns with every type of plunging neckline require support and shape. I noticed some women who got it absolutely right and others who need to rethink their undergarments next time. Will this side-boob trend never die? A little bit showing is just enough, but most everyone who wears gowns like this shows way too much. Nicole Ritchie in Donna Karan Atelier and Chrissy Teigen in Ralph Lauren are perfect examples of too much of a good thing.

Photo sources: (Left) PopSugar (Right)

It’s always surprising to me when women with smaller breasts don’t consider support a number one priority. Even smaller bustlines should be supported and shapely. Dakota Jackson’s gorgeous Jason Wu gown would have been perfect but for the way the top droops. Without better support, everything just seems to sag.  Maggie Gyllenhaal was drooping a bit, too. With the plunging neckline of her Valentino gown, her breasts looks like they’re down around her waistline.

Photo source: (Left) GoFugYourself (Right)

Some women consistently get it right. Anne Hathaway’s Calvin Klein bustier and skirt ensemble has a clean structured bodice, perfect shape and uplift. Reese Witherspoon followed a similar direction with her Stella McCartney gown with retro sweetheart neckline. Everything is exactly where it belongs.

Photo source: (Left and Right)

Blake Lively was, in my opinion, the all-around winner. The decolletage on this Gucci gown was perfect. Kylie Minogue, in a Marchesa gown, was also flawless. These are plunging necklines done right… with the right amount of skin showing and plenty of support.

Photo Source: (Left) StyleMePerfect (Right) Daily Mail

Other winners were Dita Von Teese who looked curvy and well-supported in Zac Posen and Idina Menzel, who also wore her curves well. Hailee Steinfeld’s Prabal Gurung gown floated away from her body and had a perfect silhouette. Even fashion stars don’t all have perfect breasts, but an event like the Met Gala requires beautifully fitted gowns and the proper underpinnings to show off these works of art (the gowns, I mean) at their best. Featured photo source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

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