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Inside The Fitting Room™ Video Vault: Bra Types & Styles

If you’ve ever shopped for a bra before, you know firsthand how challenging it can be. Just like women’s bodies, bras come in so many shapes and sizes – so it’s not always easy to find the right one for you. And on top of that, there are dozens of different bra styles and types to choose from. With all these choices, how are you ever supposed to know what bra style is right for your breast shape and size? Don’t give up just yet, I can help!

The extensive Video Vault in The Fitting Room™ is full of in-depth videos I’ve made to cover a variety of special topics about choosing the right bra, panty, and more.

Last month, I went over one of the main categories in the Video Vault: Bra Fitting & Sizing. These videos contain important information about how to measure yourself for your bra size, how to determine the right cup size for you, and more. Click here to read that post. 

In this post, I’m going to show you the videos for the next bra-related category of the Video Vault: Bra Types & Styles.

If you have small breasts, you might have trouble finding a bra to help give you the shape you want. In this video, I show you how to know if a bra is fitting your breast size well and what styles you can try.

Strapless, low-back and backless dresses pose a special challenge for women who can’t go without a bra. Watch this video for tips and solutions for how to make even the trickiest top styles look great.

Based on your body type, size, shape, level of activity, and personal preferences, there’s a sports bra out there for you. You just need to know how to find it. Watch this video to learn more.

If you have larger breasts, a minimizer bra can be your best friend under button-up tops and closer-fitting clothing. Find out more about minimizer bras in this video.

See what makes up a complete bra wardrobe in this video.

Seamed bras are the best bras for support. Learn how these bras are constructed and why they can give you a great shape.

There are some specific differences between the padded bra and the push-up bra. Find out more about these types of bras in this video.

The underwire bra is usually a woman’s everyday go-to bra type. But there’s also a time and a place for a wire-free (or soft cup) bra. In this video, I compare and contrast the differences between the two styles.

Deflated and pendulous breasts need a certain type of bra to give them an even shape and the right amount of support. Learn more about how to choose the right bra style for you in this video.


Want more great watchable content about bras, panties, swimwear, shapewear, and more? Visit the Video Vault to watch all my informational videos.

Don’t forget to explore the wealth of resources about all things lingerie and more at The Fitting Room™.

Find a better fit, 


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