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Germ-free Underwear

A research team at the University of Georgia has come up with a new technology that can make clothing and lingerie permanently germ free. It’s simple to implement, works on synthetic and natural fabrics, does not come out in the wash and can be applied either at home or during manufacturing.  Who’d have thought? With the discovery of super viruses and pathogens showing up in our environment and hospitals, this new fabric treatment may become as ubiquitous as airport scanning.  This technology is already available for licensing.  It kills a huge spectrum of yeasts, bacteria and moulds that can cause disease.  But this technology also goes after stains that can break down fabrics and produce odors. It can destroy the cause without damaging the fabric. Clearly this is the wave of the future for underwear and lingerie.  Stay tuned… Follow HerRoom on Twitter for daily tips.

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