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When You're Happy, We're Happy: HerRoom Reviews

As any business, especially an online retailer knows, customer service is a crucial key to success.  At HerRoom, I have a great team in place and we take all comments–both negative and positive–seriously and act on them to make HerRoom a great shopping experience. It’s heartening to see the slew of  messages we’ve received this month. I really like it when customers let us know they’re happy with their purchase: Received my shipment of 12 pairs of underpanties today – and they are perfect!  I’ll be recommending your company and buying again from you in the future! I like the purple tissue paper. nice touch! …and the fact your materials can be recycled and are recycled. Way – to – go! I am so glad I found your site.  I have been looking for a t-shirt type bra for about a year and not finding it till I found you.  Thank you.  Bras in my size are not easy to find! I found you on line, ordered on a Monday & received my order on Thursday!! Thank you for such fast service!! The bra is perfect…So glad I found your company! Thank you!  I love Her Room and recommend it to every one. Or  when a customer care representative can help a customer find just what she wants: Thanks to you, I was not only able to purchase the gorgeous Chantelle Merci bra in Navy/Blue, I was also able to find 2 lovely Ivory lace bras to wear to my wedding!!! Kudos to you, & bless you for staying w/me till we obtained a successful purchase for me. Thanks so much … It’s so very hard to buy  pretty , quality and sexy lingerie in plus size And, especially, when they have a great experience with our Customer Care representatives:  I called customer service, and talked to the very nicest CSR it’s been my pleasure to find in a long time.  Customer service has been so efficient that I would not hesitate to recommend HR to anyone of my friends or relatives. I would be glad to shop with you again. Thank you, so very much for your help in this matter—your prompt attention, concern, and sincere apology. You have gained yourself a lasting customer! As a call centre manager myself, was really impressed. Wonderfully worded email as well You’ve answered my question & my experience w/ HerRoom was good! I really enjoy shopping with you guys and…Your Customer Service is the BEST!!!! This seems like a great time to thank our customers and the HerRoom team that takes care of them.

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