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When To Use: Bra Liners

Summer has officially arrived and I know heat becomes a large factor in our everyday functionality. We make the necessary life-adjustments to cope with the heat, so why not extend the necessary adjustments to your bra?

Wick’em Bra Liners are perfected cotton strips shaped to sit between your skin, the band and gore of your bra, offering huge relief and comfort – the perfect buoy to keep afloat in the hot months.

1. Heat, Menopause If you’re someone who gets warm easily, or are having to handle pesky hot-flashes, bra liners could certainly be your answer for year-round relief.

2. Rashes If you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation, Wick’Em Bra Liners for sensitive skin (dye and latex-free) is a great solution to prevent eruptions and, ultimately, any broken skin – a possible end-result of yeast rashes. Bra bands lie on the crease between breasts and your torso. If moisture becomes trapped in the crease, it can cause skin irritations and rashing. Liners absorb excess moisture so that bacteria cannot grow. Wick’em bra liners can be thrown into the washing machine daily, helping clear-up rashes beneath the bra band and preventing future irritation.

3. Nursing Wire-free bras, often a go-to for pregnancy/post-pregnancy, can put more strain on your bra band. A positive, the wires in full-bust bras provide vertical structure for breasts, lifting some weight away from your band. Nursing bras tend to be wire-free, and if you have heavier breasts, the added pressure around your band can become distressing. A bra liner adds an extra layer of comfort, appreciated by your body when already sore and tired.

4. Larger breasts and larger bras Large breasts are always a bit challenging, as they tend to generate moisture and rub together. A bra liner in addition to a supportive bra can be a winning combination, providing additional padding and absorbency so there’s no compromising the proper fit.

5. Post-surgery and Illness I’ve had many of you write in on subjects like fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, surgeries, tubes, scarring and implants. Relief from these issues can come from a bra liner which provides an extra layer of protection between you and your bra. In fact, I suggest having more than one so you can have one to wear and one to wash.

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