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What Bra Style Prevents Nipple Show-Through?

One of the most common issues we hear about from our customers at HerRoom is nipples being visible through a bra and how to avoid this. It’s pretty interesting seeing how women pose this question. It can be as discreet as “I’m looking for a bra that provides modesty” to more direct language, like “I need to turn off my headlghts” or “How do I hide my huge erect nipples?” or “I want a bullet proof bra.” Various lingerie experts give different advice. For example, some think a lined bra is the answer. Others say that placing the nipple on a bra seam in the cups will mask the look. And, of course, there are those contour bras with cups have a thin layer of foam or padding fused inside. Being skeptical of some of these claims, I decided to bring in a model of ours who has constantly erect nipples. (FYI, one side-effect of breast augmentation can be permanent nipple erection). She tried on a standard molded bra, a lined bra, a seamed bra and a contour bra. She then put on a t-shirt over each of the bras. Let’s see what worked. MoldedLined


The molded bra did nothing to conceal the situation. The lined bra seemed to have little or no impact as well. I found this a bit surprising given that so many women and manufacturers swear by this solution. But, if you look at the t-shirt shots, the molded and lined bras look virtually identical. The seamed bra did a pretty good job of reducing the “headlights,” but then you have the problem of the seam showing through. So, basically, you sacrifice “bullets” for seams. The contour bra , also known as the t-shirt bra was the best performer. A thin layer of padding or foam is an effective concealer. But this style does add some volume, which may be a downside to women with larger breasts. Even a thin layer of foam can make breasts appear larger. Though I only showed these 4 bra styles, there are other solutions to this problem. For example, an earlier blog post of mine discusses the Bali Concealer bras currently on the market. These too are contour, but have a rigid flower-shaped decal on the inside of the cup for a smooth look. Other options are nipple concealer products, which are placed directly over your breasts. This will smooth over nipples and allow you to wear your existing bras. Some of the more popular products include Dimr’s, Smooth’m nipple concealers and FashionForms Breast Petals. To see all nipple concealers, go to: Nipple concealers

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