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Upgrade Your Sleepwear Wardrobe

I’ve worked with my expert sleepwear buying team at HerRoom to find the best winter sleepwear styles to help you revamp your downtime look for 2019. The options you’ll find below are solutions I’ve chosen to help you correct the imbalance between your daytime and downtime fashion choices. Because, let’s face it. Worn out pajamas, bleach-stained college T-shirts, and holey sweats aren’t good for anyone. And you can (and deserve to) do better.


We put a lot of consideration into what we wear when we’re getting ready to go out. But when it’s time to slip into something more comfortable for lounging around the house or going to bed, we’re often more likely to neglect how we may look (at the expense of our spouses, partners, and families).

So, I ask you this question: Why do we put so much effort into looking good for our acquaintances, coworkers, and random people we see on the street, yet put so little effort into being presentable to those who are closest to us and – not to mention – ourselves?

Whether it’s day or night, what you’re wearing should make you feel your very best. It can be the difference between a good day at work and a disappointing one, just like it can be the difference between a great night’s sleep and a restless one. It’s really that simple.

Here are my favorite winter sleepwear updates to help you rest easier knowing you’ve made a big improvement to your nightly routine.

Kate Spade New York Stretch Velour Jogger PJ Set KS91851

Toss out: Old sweatpants

It’s long past time that you ditch those worn-out college sweatpants for something a bit more polished — and much more comfortable. Borrowing the familiar and comfortable features you love about your trusty old sweatpants but with much more flattering style tweaks, you can wear these on a long flight, to brunch, while running errands, and on family movie night. Jogger pants are roomy enough to give you the flexibility you need, but they give you a trimmer look down the leg. Consider these a more relaxed spin on leggings.

Coordinate jogger or lounge pants with a cute tee, a matching top (if it comes in a set), or play with different colors and patterns. Trust me, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident than ever!

Ellen Tracy Sweater Knit Long Sleeve Sleepshirt 8321465

Toss out: Oversized T-shirts

Reach for: Sleep shirts

If you prefer to have your legs free to move around under the covers, consider adding a sleep shirt to your wardrobe. It’s a huge step up in the right direction from the old over-sized T-shirt, is much more flattering to your figure, and gives you better rear coverage!

These sleepwear staples come in cool cotton, silky soft blends, cuddly flannel options, and more. Sleep shirts are the perfect choice for year-round wear, from the coldest winter nights to the warmest summer evenings.

PJ Salvage Flannels Succa for You PJ Set RPSUPJ

Toss out: Mismatched separates

Reach for: Luxury PJ sets

Sure, you could just wear an old thermal top or that free T-shirt you got at college orientation 15 years ago and pair it with old gym shorts or holey sweatpants. While the world might not stop turning, your self-confidence will take a hit. Never underestimate the power of quality, better-looking after-hours attire. It can have a huge effect on your overall mood and well-being.

Upgrade to nicer sets and separates you can mix and match based on how you feel and the occasion. With so many cute, fun, and expressive patterns to choose from, you’ll find getting dressed for bed may be one of your new favorite routines!

Natori Alpine Plush Long Robe F74168

Toss out: Your over-worn, ratty robe

Nothing says “I’ve given up” quite like a robe that’s seen better days. Replace “far-too-old reliable” with something much more comfortable and luxurious that will make you feel just like new.

Choose from touchably soft and airy materials, toasty plush fabrics, and light, silky, luxurious kimono styles. There are different robes for every season and occasion, and there’s no shortage of choices at HerRoom!


Once you’ve replaced your grungy sleepwear and loungewear with fresh new pieces, remember to get rid of the old stuff. Keeping it around will only weigh you down, clutter your drawers, and tempt you to return to your old ways.

I understand that doing a full sleepwear wardrobe overhaul can be pricey, so take it one step at a time. Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on everything at once, add a new piece here and a new piece there. Fortunately, HerRoom is always adding new sleepwear styles and running new promotions – so be sure to check back periodically to look for what’s new and what’s on sale.

Want more ideas? Check out HerRoom’s new Cozy Sleepwear Lookbook.

What’s your favorite go-to-bed outfit? Share in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter!

Find a better fit,


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