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Tomima Talks: The Robin by Ploomage

I am super excited to finally be able to share with you the news about a brand-new kind of bra just now hitting the market. Why my excitement? Because it was inspired by you! Yes, for years now, I’ve been listening and documenting your issues and wishes when it comes to bras. You all told me there needed to be a better bra design. Finally, about four years ago, it all started coming together. I made my first prototype, filed patents, found a fabulous bra designer to assist me, collaborated with an amazing innovative factory, and then fit-tested, fit-tested, and fit-tested. Well, thanks to you, my new, simple, and straight-forward bra design is now a reality and finally ready for prime time. It’s called The Robin from the Ploomage brand.

The Robin Features

The Robin is the first-ever bra that lets you adjust its fit while you’re wearing it – a bra with complete on-body adjustability. Elegant in its simplicity, The Robin is the ideal bra choice for any woman wishing to adjust her bra’s comfort throughout her day. These top ten customer requests are all addressed in The Robin design:

  1. Front closure bra with band adjustability

  2. Solves fit issue for women in-between sizes

  3. Soft, supportive and moisture-wicking fabrication

  4. No back closure

  5. Adjust bra straps from the front

  6. Accommodates bra size fluctuations

  7. Bra fit adjustability without taking it off

  8. A solution for women with limited dexterity

  9. Side and back smoothing

  10. Two center-front height options

I’ve learned over the years that there is some subjectivity in bra fitting. You may be professionally fitted into say a 38DD (D2) bra, but that 40D feels more comfortable to you. Well, The Robin can be both your bra sizes (and more) because multiple bra sizes are built into it. You’ve probably noticed that sitting in a chair expands your diaphragm thus making your bra’s band feel tight. The Robin’s patented side wings let you quickly loosen your band (up to 3 band sizes) for a more comfortable fit while it’s still on your body. You can then easily tighten it when you stand up by reaching under your top. Do you have dexterity issues making it difficult to hook your bra in the back? The Robin is a front closure bra and even has a second optional front hook that can be engaged for added support or tucked away for more plunge. Is your bra strap slipping? The Robin’s straps adjust in front; right at your fingertips. The golden hardware at the back of The Robin can be positioned off-center to accommodate scoliosis. And its side wings can even be pulled down to reduce those pesky side bulges. Finally, at the end of the day, imagine not having that nagging desire to take your bra off. Now, simply release as many of The Robin’s adjusting elements desired for instant comfort and relaxation before leaving work, in your car, or once you get home. I could go on and on, but we all know that pictures speak a thousand words, so here’s an image gallery of The Robin for you to review.

Initial Reviews

Up against a Patent & Trademark Office deadline, I needed to get The Robin quickly into commerce. So, very quietly, I put it on my HerRoom site a month ago with a very limited size range and assigned just one keyword – front closure. To my surprise, over 30 of you found and bought it! Here are the initial reviews that came in:

  1. “we LOVE this bra.  The added versatility of size adjustment in addition to the comfort, support and shaping is FABULOUS!  Seems to me to be the first ever real change in a bra in at least 75 years.  My compliments to the inventor!!!” Judy & daughter 40DDD(D3) 40G(D4).

  1. “I love it! I love it! I love it!!! And btw… I don’t know if it’s just the Robin but the 34 D was the most perfect fit I’ve had in a very long time!” Christina

Why Ploomage?

When naming the parts of a bra, the industry calls the pieces that cover a woman’s sides and back a bra’s wings. My patents focus a lot on this part of a bra, so I started looking at aviary terms. The feather covering on a bird’s chest is called plumage. Well, I thought, isn’t that what I’m doing – covering the breasts of women? Trademarks with unusual spellings are much easier to obtain. I, therefore, changed the “U” to two “Os”; it’s a better spelling for the word’s pronunciation, and the two “Os” next to each other felt symbolic of women’s breasts to me. The brand Ploomage was thus born.

Why The Robin?

With Ploomage locked down, I started reading up on birds. I discovered most birds are tied to symbolism and/or special meaning. For example, a dove symbolizes peace. The Robin, I learned, is known as the harbinger of new beginnings. I hope this is true for my Robin as well. I, then, started putting bra types with types of birds and it really started to work; The Roadrunner sports bra. The Stork maternity bra. The Crane strapless bra. Maybe even a Blue-Footed Booby could be thrown in for fun! With luck and hopefully success with The Robin, these other bras will too become a reality.

Size Range Decision

The women most in need of The Robin’s features are those with larger cup sizes. Front closure bras are very hard to find larger than a D, and many are, frankly, not attractive. Smaller cup-sized women have lots to choose from and I rarely see complaints or wishes from them for the features and functions of The Robin. This helped to determine my initial size range. So, for now, The Robin comes in cup sizes D to I (D6) and band sizes 34 to 40. I also look forward to feedback from you now that The Robin has launched. Any thoughts would be welcome via email to

Links & Videos

Many of you would probably like to read more about The Robin and see real women wearing it. Below are links to additional information.

Some Final Thoughts…

Over the years, many daughters, nurses, and relatives of larger breasted loved ones and patients who are primarily wheelchair bound have asked HerRoom about a front closure bra solution.  Having witnessed this need firsthand with my mother and other relatives, this group was important to me during the design phase of The Robin. The large front hook and adjustable sides should provide a solution for these women and give them more independence when getting dressed.

I wanted to produce The Robin in the USA. Unfortunately, there is no factory state-side with the skills and tooling necessary to produce it currently. So, for now, The Robin is manufactured in a very modern, safe, socially compliant, humane, and environmentally friendly Indonesian factory.


Tomima Founder & CEO

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