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Tomima Talks: The Posture Bra: You Should Own One

Before this Talk, I’d never worn a posture bra. But, now I have and I’m a big fan. My workday is mostly spent in a chair staring at computer screens. I have the “right” chair that’s adjusted “right” for my physique. I have my screens at the “right” height and my keyboard positioned in the “right” location. And yet, I constantly catch myself slumping and leaning forward onto my elbows. So for the last few weeks, I’ve been wearing a longline posture bra, and now I get why so many women think it’s a game-changer. And not just sedentary-working women, but also women needing to stand for long periods of time. If you have neck, upper back, lower back, or shoulder pain, or just poor posture, a posture bra is your friend indeed.

How Posture Bras Work

Basically, a posture bra acts as an exoskeleton. Once on, it’s a firm external covering that supplements your internal skeleton by providing added support and protection to your torso. This added external support distributes your front weight (tummy & breasts) more evenly around your frame. The result is a realigned and more upright posture with added back support. Your impulse to slump or lean forward goes away. Pressure and muscle strain along your spine is greatly reduced. This is why wearing a posture bra makes sitting, standing, or stooping easier and more comfortable – your back is getting added strength and support.

All posture bras have a firm fit and use a semi-rigid powernet fabric. A signature design feature of this bra is its wide pair of criss-cross “swooshes” added to the bra’s full coverage back panel. Each swoosh begins up near a shoulder, then spreads its support downward and across the entire back – not straight down like traditional bra straps that can then dig into your shoulders. This construction along with wide sides is the key to redistributing your front weight more towards your back and waist, pulling your shoulders back to help you stand straighter, and giving added strength and support to your spine.

Benefits of a Posture Bra

There are many benefits to wearing a posture bra. Large-breasted women love this bra style because it redistributes their breast weight. But women with weak back muscles, back pain, tension headaches, and shoulder pain also report finding instant relief. The styles with full-torso coverage (similar to the iconic girdle) not only help you carry yourself upright but also enhance your figure by providing a bulge-free and flattering natural torso shape. Some say wearing one even makes them a little taller. And no, wearing one is not a crutch that will reduce your muscle tone. Consistent wearing actually helps train you and your body into a better posture position

Posture Bra Features

Most posture bras are designed with nice wide straps that help displace body weight and prevent strap dig. Most close in the front, which requires some room, so women with close-set breasts may not enjoy the fit. The sides and back are substantially sized to provide robust coverage and eliminate back fat and bulges. Their cups are usually wireless for comfort and cut wider to catch all your breast tissue. Ergo, this bra tends to also be a minimizer, so is also a great choice to wear under button-up blouses. And, because it’s wireless and minimizing, if you notice your center panel is not tacking, this doesn’t mean you are necessarily in the wrong cup size. Finally, the back and sides of this bra style will be tall and have vast coverage.

We offer 27 posture bra products. Some do have different design elements and features. And several are designed as sports bras. I think the most important features you need to think about are the length you want and where you need the most support.

When to Wear a Posture Bra

Many women wear their posture bras all day as their everyday bra. Having one in your bra arsenal will be very handy. You should wear it when you have sudden back or shoulder pain. It’s a great choice during exercise if you do weightlifting. You should think about wearing it if your day will include long standing/sitting periods. It will provide great comfort during long car rides. And it’s especially helpful to have on when you do any activity that involves bending and slouching, like cooking, sewing, housekeeping, nursing, or sitting at a workstation or keyboard, that requires you to bend forward

This garment should also be considered as a preventative measure. Because it stabilizes you into a proper posture, wearing it will reduce micro-injuries that can occur due to moving incorrectly.

I’ve been wearing mine daily for over a week now when I have long stretches at my keyboard. Don’t laugh, but I put it on right over my outfit for the day. Then, when I need to go to a meeting, I can quickly take it off. I’m loving it! There are 3 posture styles and I’ve been wearing the torsette version.

3 Types of Posture Bras

Posture Bra  Longline – This style gives you the most coverage, the most support, and the smoothest look. We provide side seam lengths on all our bras, so this will be the most important one for you to check. Some go past your natural waist and others rest right at your waist. This style has a band range of 34 to 52 but goes no higher than a G(D4) cup size. If you are very short-waisted or petite in height or have a significant tummy or waist measurement, this style will be a big challenge to fit because it assumes a rather even body proportion. You can move up a band size and thus down a cup size once or maybe twice to get a proper fit (e.g.: 38G(D4) can move to a 40DDD(D3) or maybe even a 42DD(D2)), but otherwise you are better served in the bra height posture style.

Posture Bra – Bra HeightThis design is popular with women looking for upper back, breast, and shoulder support. The size range is 32 to 58 in band sizing and B to K(D8) in cup sizing. It’s also a good solution for women who are apple or pear-shaped, where their bra band size is much smaller than their waist, and so are unable to fit into a longline. The shorter sequence of hooks and eyes in the front makes it easier to get into. If you do not like back bulges, this is the best bra style for giving you a smooth look under clothing, while improving your posture.

Posture TorsetteThis is the style I’ve been wearing and loving. It allows you to wear your own bra while giving you all the benefits of a longline. If you’re not sure which posture bra style is best for you, I’d recommend starting with one of these and see how much you like it. I did notice that when I wear it over my clothing it becomes a bit tighter. So, if you are thinking about doing this, consider moving up a size. I also bought it in black and I think it looks pretty great worn over a blouse or t-shirt.

I’m sort of kicking myself for having not paid more attention to this very helpful bra category over the years. Probably because I thought they were not that stylish. Now that I’ve actually worn one, spoken to experts in my industry, and understand its benefits, I’m now definitely onboard. I’d like to thank the team at Exquisite Form, Ellen Jacobs (CEO of Elila), and Rita Penugonda (Glamorise VP of Product Development) for their generosity in educating me about this very important bra category.


Tomima Founder & CEO

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