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Tomima Talks: Picking a “No-Show” Bra

I’m in the “bra biz” so I’m sort of mortified when discovering my bra strap has crept out from under my sleeveless top or my center panel is not plungy enough so that someone taller than me can see it.

Before launching HerRoom in March of 2000, I made a list of bra shopping issues I wanted to solve. One was helping you, my customer, figure out BEFORE purchasing what bra will stay hidden under a challenging neckline. I ultimately designed and patented HerRoom’s exclusive feature called “See It Under.” It’s available on every bra sold at HerRoom. But perhaps you haven’t discovered it yet…

The “See It Under” Feature Explained

Pictures are worth 1,000 words. So, here are 6 examples that show the challenging “See It Under” necklines over bras that will not work because parts of them are peeking out. And know that each of our sheer overlay necklines are a bit extreme; the Scoop Neck is really “scoopy,” the Deep-V-Neck is rather low, and the Button Down has that button that most of us keep buttoned unbuttoned.

The good news is that almost every bra at HerRoom works under one or more of these challenging necklines. So, don’t feel that the bra you are considering must pass all 6 “See It Under” necklines unless you really want this. Here’s a more typical result. This bra works under 5 of the 6 neckline challenges with a few close calls.

As an interesting side note, I’ve commissioned many UX (User Experience) designers over the years to remodel “See It Under” to be more understandable, more prominent, and more obvious. A/B testing of the many new concepts did not show any improvement to my original design, which is still what you see today. But all this user testing has reaffirmed that there is user “blindness” to this feature. So please know that if you didn’t see it or play with it, you are not alone. And, I continue to ponder new ways to try and make it more obvious.

Tips for Finding No-Show Bras

If you’re shopping for a specific bra to wear under a challenging neckline, you first need to take a stab at narrowing down your bra choices before turning to our “See It Under” for confirmation. You can use our filters to combine or remove features to narrow your results.

Here are some tips to help you find what you are looking for.  And remember you can also filter on your size as well.

  1. Plunging Button Down – Select plunge bra styles.

  2. Deep Scoop Neck – Select balconette or demi-style bras.

  3. Boat Neck – Select “Wide Set Straps” in our feature filter.

  4. Wide Square Neck – Select balconette bra styles – they tend to have a horizontal neckline.

  5. Cutaway Neck –  Select “center-pull straps” in our feature filter.  Alternatively, select “J-hook” as a feature. Many can slide upwards to pull straps closer to your neck.

  6. Deep-V-Neck –  Select plunge bra styles and filter on our “triangle” feature to see bras with triangle cup shapes.

Using our two exclusive tools, “See It Under” and our “measured” image, as you shop HerRoom should help put you in charge. They’ll provide the information you want and need to make an educated and accurate bra choice before proceeding to check out. After all, no one likes the hassle of returning something because it didn’t work.


Tomima Founder & CEO

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