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Tomima Talks: Panty Styles for your Bottom Type

So, I’ll go first. My bottom has fallen over the years. It sags and hangs lower than I would like. Because of this, I sort of obsess over making sure my backside is covered when wearing a bathing suit. And when it comes to panty choices, I want enough coverage in the back, so the bottoms of my back cheeks won’t peek out and reveal themselves.

You too may have a bottom that doesn’t fit into all panty types. Every year, HerRoom conducts The Undie Awards where you, our customers, get to vote for your favorite pieces of lingerie. I scour your votes each year to better understand what you all like. Along the way, here are some interesting statistics your voting has told me. 8-10% of you share my low-hanging bottom issue. 10-12% of you feel you don’t have much of a bottom at all. 11-13% of you identify as having a “bubble butt.” And, 23-27% of you feel your thighs and bottom are large for your body frame. It should also be stated that 38-48% of you feel you have a rounded bottom that works well with all panty styles.

If you’re like me and have one of these other bottom types, there are panty types and features you should look for to give you your best and most comfortable fit. And some of us need to look out for and steer clear of very specific features and silhouettes. Allow me to break it down for you. 

No Bottom 

Not having much bottom tissue means your panties do not have much to hold on to in the back. So, panty creep and wedgie issues can be a common problem. Panties where the manufacturer has added volume around the back of the leg, will just hang and droop because you lack enough buttocks to fill it out. And, a panty with any kind of hi-cut leg opening is not your friend because, again, this leg cut requires bottom tissue to anchor it in place. Finally, leg openings finished with elastic are really not necessary for you.

Solutions: Having a minimalist bottom means you are one of the lucky ones that can wear cheeky panties with various skimpy cuts and coverage. Less coverage in the back will give your bottom the illusion of looking fuller. You can easily wear a panty without any elastic along the edges. You, therefore, have the luxury of less worry that a panty will be binding or create visible panty lines.

Low Bottom

As I mentioned above, this is my issue. Low-hanging bottoms struggle to keep the south side of our cheeks covered. A panty’s leg edge in back many times comes to rest above our bottom crease and thus a “quad bottom” look along with a visible panty line is created. Any panty claiming to be cheeky will not look so great since the bottom of our bottoms will hang out below it and accentuate our lowness.

Solutions: Avoid any panty with a hi-cut leg opening. Their side angle rarely comes down low enough to cup our bottom. Pick briefs, boyshorts, bikinis, and hipsters without a high leg cut. A boyshort with a bit of a leg will actually help raise a bottom as well as cover it. The best leg edges will be lined in stretch lace for added coverage and a reduced panty line under clothes. And, there are products on the market with built-in bottom-raising technology – rear lift –  that will also create a more rounded behind. Thongs can also be worn, but they will do nothing to enhance your back shape.

Bubble Bottom

Contrary to what some might think, a bubble bottom is not a huge over-sized bottom. Rather it is just really round like a bubble, firm, and positioned directly on a woman’s backside. The panty challenge this creates is the need for more fabric in the back. Putting on a mainstream panty results in its front being pulled down and through the legs in order to give the back-bubble coverage. So, a low waist in front and an uncomfortable and unfinished look in the back.


Again, avoid hi-cut leg styles to prevent winding up with a wedgie. Try going up a panty size. Many times this will do the trick to get you more back coverage. Look for panties with a center back seam and even back seams with ruching. This back seam will help to contour your backside more and give you more attractive coverage. Any panty with a cheeky cut in the back – especially a tanga or Brazilian style – will look sexy without pulling. Boyshorts come with a back seam and a front seam too, so they tend to fit this bottom style as well. Look for panties made with 4-way or more super stretch in their fabrication. This helps to give you a custom fit. And yes, a thong and g-string will always work.

Full Bottom & Thighs

Many women have fuller thighs and bottoms when compared to the rest of their body shape. Panty leg openings many times are not large enough, so bind causing redness and discomfort. And the last thing wanted is any panty that can make their thighs and bottom look bigger, so pass on any full coverage brief.


Hi-cut leg styles will be your best friend because they provide the largest leg opening of any panty style other than a thong or g-string. They will fit nicely over your thighs and give you the most room. And hi-cut leg openings finished without elastic, but rather with stretchy lace or other non-binding leg edge treatment will go further in providing you with comfort. Boyshorts, tangas, and other cheeky cuts give the illusion that your bottom is smaller. And, the best thong style for you will be one with a V-shaped center front.

Some Final Thoughts…

Of course, the way a panty fits is dependent upon how it’s been put on. Do you pull it up too high? Do you take the time to place it where it belongs? If your panties are not positioned in the correct location they were designed for, it can cause discomfort. I actually made a video to help you put your panties on the right way. Then, for further panty options, here’s a video you may also wish to watch.


Tomima Founder & CEO

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