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Tomima Talks: Keeping Calm & Masking On

Are face masks here to stay? Some say yes, others hope not. But for now, everyone needs at least one. I say let’s be positive and think of them more as this year’s newest must-have (since we must-wear) fashion accessory. And, I’m delighted to report that many of the brands at HerRoom immediately saw the need and started manufacturing well-designed and reusable masks. Maybe I’m a little biased, but now having personally worn all of them, I feel they are the most comfortable ones on the market today. After all, lingerie brands are the experts when it comes to all-day comfort, breathability and softness. Oh, and they also make things that are pretty too!

I’d like to highlight for you some great masks being made by four of our HerRoom vendors. My buying team and I agree; these are the most comfortable and therefore worth a look. Also, keep in mind that these reusable masks are not made to the exacting standards necessary for medical use. And, for obvious hygiene reasons, masks once purchased cannot be returned.


This mask received instant notoriety early on for being spotted covering the face of Jennifer Aniston. This all-black mask is made with double-layered high-quality, breathable fabric to ensure easy breathing when worn. Yet the outside layer claims to have a water-repellent finish to keep out moisture from others. It’s highly elastic extra-thin ear bands also keep the mask perfectly in place. Included internally is a very comfortable aluminum nose-wire and a small embossed logo is located outside on the side. True to Wolford’s high-luxury reputation, they have also made this same mask design in a luxurious light-weight silk that is also reversible – one side being solid black and the other having a subtle lace design. If you wear glasses, you’ll be glad to know that these designs are specifically cut around the eyes to accommodate them. Wolford also points out that prior to packaging their masks, they treated them with UV light to ensure no prior bacteria, viruses or germs are present.


Cosabella has incorporated a financial give back program with their mask products. For every mask sold, they are donating 20% of their net profits to raise awareness and funds for those impacted by the pandemic. They are making two mask designs – a pleated face mask and a V-face mask. Both designs come in several colors using their two famous laces on the outside: “Never Say Never” and “Savona” which are made in polyamide, polyester, viscose and elastane. All are lined in 93% cotton and 7% elastane fabric and have very soft covered elastic ear straps. The V-face design has a pouch opening to insert an optional filter of your own choosing.


The Chantelle company was the first in our industry to quickly mobilize their factories to make non-medical grade masks. To date, they have manufactured over 20 million with well over 140K of them being donated throughout the world. This mask is super strong and a real workhorse. Their 5 pack comes in just the one unisex color and made with 3 layers of 100% sustainable circular knit and super soft cotton that is certified OEKO-TEX® standard 100 and will maintain more than 90% filtration of fine particles even after more than 50 washings. The ear straps are made in a tubular knit elastic that’s adjustable enough to fit a youth, and made to be extremely soft. Chantelle ensures that their masks are skin-friendly and breathable. Their very specific washing recommendations really stood out to me. Their masks are to be put in a hot dryer and over-dried to guarantee they are sanitized. They should not be left in a washer for more than 2 hours lest a bacteria could possibly form. And, you may also dry the mask with a hot iron. They claim their masks will not shrink.

PJ Harlow

Many of you are familiar with this brand because it’s the same brand who created the uber-popular Bra 30. Known for their comfortable and luxurious loungewear that surrounds you in softness, PJ Harlow has repurposed their soft fabrics into some very innovative mask styles. All are made in the USA with an emphasis on limiting dust and environmental inhalations along with discouraging nose and mouth touching. Philanthropically, PJ Harlow is donating one mask for every PJ Harlow mask or bandana purchased. HerRoom is offering 4 PJ Harlow designs:

Jersey Grazer – Need a bite? How about a drink? This innovative mask lets you do both without needing to remove it. You simply lift the upper tab and “graze” away. There is even a little loop inside that you can thread a straw through to keep it in place.

Satin Bandanas – Made with 2 layers of beautiful, washable and breathable satin, this design has elastic along the edge for a custom and comfortable fit. It can also double as a stylish scarf around your neck when not in use. Its more open design is felt to preserve skin elasticity and moisture balance thus helping to keep skin glowing and healthy.

Cotton Face Mask – This traditional pleated design is made with 2 layers of 100% cotton knit that are printed with fun designs. The ear loops are elastic. Again, their fabric choice claims to help keep your skin glowing and healthy thus reducing the chance of “maskne.”

Contour Face Mask – This comfortable face mask design with a vertical center seam has a fun printed out layer made in 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and a 100% cotton inner liner. Thin elastic loops hold the mask comfortably in place.

As with all reusable masks, make sure to read the washing instructions carefully. I have noticed there are considerable differences between brands. And some have unusual recommendations.

Some Final Thoughts…

It has now been two weeks since first sharing with you my new patented bra design, The Robin. I am so excited to share with you that your response has been tremendous and already more than 1,000 Robins have been sold. Thank you to all for supporting my new and untraditional bra design. Several of the sizes are now on backorder, but more are coming by mid-October. I would encourage anyone wanting one to place your order now. Of course, we do not charge a credit card until the day the item ships. Many of you also provided invaluable feedback. The most interesting were all the requests for larger sizes. Structure limitations with The Robin’s design prevent expanding our size range to meet all your requests, but please know that because of your feedback, The Robin will be adding the following sizes:

J(D7) cup sizes:

32J, 34J, 36J, 38J, 40J

42 Band sizes:

42D, 42DD(D2), 42DDD(D3), 42G(D4), 42H(D5), 42I(D6)

44 Band sizes:

44D, 44DD(D2), 44DDD(D3), 44G(D4), 44H(D5)

Again, please know how excited and appreciative I am to all of you who took the leap of faith to try my new bra design, and to the many of you providing feedback. Your overwhelming encouragement tells me my patented adjustability design is truly something you want and like. So stay tuned! I am already working on a sports bra version to share with you next!


Tomima Founder & CEO

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