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The Best Panty Styles for Your Bottom Type

In the world of lingerie and fashion, knowledge is power – especially when you’re shopping online.

Think about it. You can’t pick out the most flattering dress for your figure without knowing your body shape. You can’t choose the right shapewear without knowing your problem areas. You can’t find the right bra fit without knowing your breast size and type. And you can’t choose the best panty fit without knowing your bottom type.

Your rear end deserves the same level of consideration when you shop for panties as your breasts get when you shop for bras and tops.

Your rear end deserves the same level of consideration when you shop for panties as your breasts get when you shop for bras and tops.  

1. Your bottom shape & type

Just like bras, hosiery, shapewear, and swimwear, the key to looking and feeling your best is knowing your body type.

2. The best panty styles for your bottom type

Guided by your bottom type, you’ll know what to look for in panty styles that will highlight your assets. With so many panty styles to choose from, some can look perfect on one body type but completely wrong on another. Fortunately, there is such a variety of panty styles, rises, and cuts to choose from.

Learning Your Bottom Shape & Type

The shape and type of your bottom is determined by a combination of factors, including your hip structure, where you’re the fullest in the cheeks, and where you’re the widest. This can help you determine the best level of panty coverage for your body – as well as the best height of the leg openings and the best level of rise at the waist.

At HerRoom, our expert buyers are always at work to discover and handpick new panty styles – building a large variety of choices that celebrate the diverse shapes and sizes of all women. No matter what your bottom type may be, we offer beautiful and flattering panties fit for you.


Bottom Type 1: Heart

What it looks like

Heart-shaped bums literally resemble an upside-down heart. Also referred to as the “A” shape, this derriere type:

– Has more volume in the bottom

– Gets smaller at the top

– Has rounded curves at the hips

– Has a waist that tapers smoothly to the bum

Panty tips

Look for:

  1. Cheeky panty styles to help you look lifted and perky

  2. Bikinis, cheeky panties, tangas, and thongs in stretchy, seamless materials that will lay flat without adding extra bulk to your rear

  3. Panties with rear center details, such as ruching, to make your backside look more proportional


  1. Panties with more rear coverage (this will only add extra volume you don’t need)

  2. Panties with small leg openings, which can cause unflattering bulges and lines


Bottom Type 2: Round

What it looks like

Sometimes referred to as the “bubble butt,” this bottom type:

– Is equally plump from the tops to the bottoms of the cheeks

– Is widest at the center of the hips

– Has a distinct end at the waistline (unlike the tapering curve of the heart-shaped bottom type)

Panty tips

Look for:

  1. Panties with high-cut leg openings

  2. Panties that gather high on the rear

  3. Low-coverage styles, such as thongs, g-strings, and tangas


  1. Full-coverage bikinis and briefs that are constrictive (these can cause bulges, extra bulk, and panty lines)


Bottom Type 3: V-Shape

What it looks like

Also known as the “inverted triangle” shape, this bottom type:

– Is top-heavy

– Has the most fat distributed toward the tops of the cheeks

– Has its widest point at the hips

– Narrows toward the bottom

Panty tips

Look for:

  1. Hotpants and boyshorts (these add volume and fill out your narrower derriere)

  2. Panties with lower cut leg openings

  3. Low- to mid-rise panties that hit right at or below the butt crease

  4. Styles with added details like lace embellishments around the leg openings (these can help add curves to your figure)


  1. High leg openings (these can make your rear look saggy and highlight your lack of lower volume)


Bottom Type 4: Square

What it looks like

Aptly named “square shaped,” this bottom type:

– Has equal (or very similar) width at the top, center, and bottom

– Has higher and more prominent hip bones

– Can appear flatter due to the lack of curves

Panty tips

Look for:

  1. Panties with high- or mid-rise waists to help mark where your back ends and derriere begins

  2. Styles with high-cut leg openings

  3. Panties with cheeky bottoms (these can help create curves)

  4. Lace or print panties (these can help add dimension)


  1. Solid colored or textured panties, which can make you look flat

  2. Panties with high rear coverage and no detail

  3. Panties with constrictive elastic along the leg openings (this can cause bulge and discomfort)


Ready to get shopping? Shop all the panties at HerRoom here.

Learn more about how to measure for the right panty fit in The Fitting Room™.

Find a better fit, 


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