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Show Your Support for Curvy Girls and Take the Guesswork out of Sizing

Remember the Curvy Kate “Star in a Bra” contest I told you about a few weeks ago? Public voting is now in full swing. Be sure to visit the company’s Facebook page by Oct. 22 to select your favorite among the top 20 finalists. Then, later this month, the remaining five hopefuls will be announced. The last round of voting takes place through Nov. 19.

I think this contest is a terrific way to celebrate the full-busted figure. You can find a wide selection of Curvy Kate bras at We also carry Elomi, Fantasie, Fauve, Panache and lines from several other manufacturers who specialize in designing supportive and stylish bras for larger breasts. Incidentally, Panache just launched a new ad campaign featuring Whitney Thompson of “America’s Next Top Model” fame. Whitney is modeling pieces from the company’s Sculptresse collection, which is offered in D to J cup sizes. We carry styles from Sculptress, as well. Whenever you’re bra shopping and need help determining your cup size across brands, check out my special bra fitting advice for curvy girls. It explains why your cup size might differ across manufacturers. For A through D cups, this doesn’t apply because those sizes are standardized. It’s when you get into cup sizes larger than a D that you begin to see differences. For example, a DDD cup size in one brand might be an E or F in another. My Universal Cup Sizing™ directory will help you determine your bra size in any brand we offer. Like cups, bands can also sometimes be subject to country-specific sizing. That’s where my band size conversion chart comes in handy. Give these tools a try, and let me know how they work for you.

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