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Shapewear Q&A Part II: Styles

As women, we all dream of having a smooth and flawless silhouette – but depending on your body type and what you’re wearing, that’s not always so easy to achieve. Whether you’re in the process of losing weight but have a special occasion coming up fast, or your skin isn’t as tight and toned as it once was due to pregnancy, age, or weight fluctuation, shapewear is a great solution for those times you need an instant confidence boost.

Shapewear is becoming more popular among women of all ages, shapes and sizes for one simple reason: it’s a quick fix that can help you take smooth and slim to a new level.

(If you haven’t read my first Shapewear Q&A post, Shapewear Q&A Part I: The Basics, you can find it here).

What shapewear styles are there to choose from?

Shapewear comes in a variety of different styles to cover single or multiple target areas. Here are the main styles you should know about:

Bali DF1009

Body Shaper

Also referred to as the body briefer, this shapewear style is designed like a one-piece bodysuit (similar to a leotard). Target areas are mainly the bust, waist, tummy, and (in the case of styles with rear coverage) the derriere. This style is great for when you need something to smooth and shape your entire torso.

Great for wearing under: Dresses (both long and short), pants with a tucked-in blouse, pants with a longer shirt

Self Expressions 00509

Shaping Camisole

Like a regular camisole but with extra firming and shaping properties, this is a great option to reach for when you want a little extra slimming in the top and around the waist. Complete your look with a shaping panty, leg shaper, or shaping hosiery.

Great for wearing under: Tight, close-fitting tops

Miraclesuit 2615

Waist Cincher

Known for its built-in boning and more rigid material, the waist cincher is great for when you want to suck in your mid-section to create that classic, feminine hourglass silhouette.

Great for wearing under: Form-fitting dresses, form-fitting tops paired with pants or skirts

Maidenform DM1007

Shaping Slip

Available in a variety of different styles, lengths, cuts, and control levels, shaping slips help you create the smooth and thin shape you want in even the tightest dresses and skirts, as well as coverage under sheer styles.

Great for wearing under: Close-fitting and/or sheer dresses and skirts

Rago 679

Thigh Shaper

Choose the rise, length, and target areas you want to seamlessly shape your hips, thighs, tummy, and rear for a smooth look. Pair with a shaping camisole and/or bra to complete your look.

Great for wearing under: Close-fitting dresses, skirts, and pants

Maidenform DM0036

Shaping Panties

Cut like classic panty styles, shaping panties provide extra slimming control for areas like the waist, hips, thighs, tummy and rear. Pair with a shaping camisole and/or bra to complete your look.

Great for wearing under: Close-fitting dresses, skirts, and pants

How do I layer my shapewear?

Layering shapewear can seem like an unsolvable puzzle – especially when you’re wearing more than one or two pieces of undergarments. Say you want to wear hosiery, a shaping panty, a bra, and a slip. What’s the right order to put on and take off all those undergarments? Is this even the right combination of underwear – or can you reduce or swap out certain pieces for better results?

Remember: Bulge caused by overlapping garments, bunching and lines, and convenience (especially for bathroom breaks) are all important considerations.

Watch my Expert Video for pro tips on how to properly put on and layer your shapewear and other undergarments.

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