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Sexy Lingerie for the Not So Teeny Tiny and Women of a Certain Age

Part 1

I frequently hear from plus-size women and those older than 50. Many are frustrated because they can’t find sexy lingerie in their size, or designed for anyone who isn’t a supermodel. Given there are less than a handful of brick-and-mortar stores in the country that carry plus-size lingerie, it’s no surprise many women feel their options are limited.

One reason I opened the virtual doors to was to give all women a broad selection of intimate apparel that would fit and flatter. Whether you’re an A cup or a K; a 28 band or a 48; an extra small or 4XL; 18 or 80, you’ll find lingerie that’s perfect for your individual body and personal style.

For plus-size and women over 50, soft tissue is a common problem. It occurs throughout the body as we age. Unless you’re extremely lean, you likely have a bit of this on your back, legs, waist and arms. Supportive garments often magnify soft tissue by creating lumpy-looking skin, muffin tops, indentations and back fat.

To minimize these effects, particularly the skin flaps under the arms:

  1. Make sure you’re wearing the correct bra size. When tissue is firm, it’s more forgiving. A woman with firm skin might be wearing the wrong size but never see any bumps or bulges to warn her otherwise. If you’re still in the size you wore when your tissue was more firm, double check your measurements. A larger cup sometimes helps, as well, to contain additional skin.

  2. Choose bras with underwires and 3-part cups for the best support in front. I also recommend bras with slings or panels, vertical boning and taller sides. Because breast tissue becomes more malleable with age, a bra with a defined breast shape will give you a supportive and more youthful appearance.

  3. As a last defense, try some over-garment shapewear. There are fabulous camisole-styled pieces that look nothing like your grandmother’s girdles, and they provide the ultimate smooth finish. A torsette is a terrific option. Pair one with your favorite bra for a powerful combination of support and smoothing.

A curvy Kirstie Alley posing in lingerie.

Thousands of bras are available through my Website – from La Perla to Playtex and beyond. If you’re shopping for lingerie specifically designed with sex appeal in mind, head straight to our Shirley of Hollywood, Mystique Intimates and Hanky Panky collections. You’ll find no shortage of sexy bras and everything else needed to create an alluring look.

Stay tuned for the second part of my blog on this subject. More ideas to come…

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