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Saved by the Bra. American Hiker's Sports Bra Saved Her Life.

This week, an American female hiker/marathon runner was rescued while stranded on a cliff for 3 days in the Bavarian Alps in Germany.  Jessica Bruinsma first used her head, and then used her sports bra to attract attention to her location. Having fallen more than 16 feet found herself stranded on a very narrow ledge with a badly bruised leg and dislocated shoulder.  A loose cable used for logging was slack due to maintenance, and thus within her reach.  Keeping her top and jacket for warmth, she removed her sports bra and attached it to the cable.  The next morning, the cable had been repaired and upon cycling down the mountain, the worker at the base of the mountain saw it and called police. Following the cable up the mountain, they found Bruinsma on her ledge waiving with her good arm.  Her trip in Germany was quickly aborted, and she returned to Colorado Springs for recovery and marathon training to try and finish in 3 hours and 10 minutes. The moral to this story is: Wear a bra.  It can save your life! Find Sports bras at HerRoom Sport Underwear

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