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Q&A: How to Shop for Bras Online

Online shopping can feel like a gamble – especially when you’re shopping for bras. Will the bra you order fit properly? Will it be comfortable? How will it look under your favorite shirt or dress? If you’ve ever struggled with shopping for bras online, you’ll want to keep reading this post!

In this post, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about bra shopping online to help you make sure your next experience is a success.

The Challenges of Online Bra Shopping

There are several challenges related to bra shopping online that you need to overcome. Here are the big ones:

  1. Bras are made in many different sizes

  2. Different brands size their bras differently (especially with cup sizes above a D)

  3. Getting the right fit without being able to try a bra on can be a challenge

  4. Different bra styles can fit your breast type differently

  5. You can’t be measured for your bra size by a professional fitter if you’re not in a store

So, how can you skip the trip to the bra store and find what you want in the convenience of your own home? Below are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about shopping for bras online to help you have a successful online bra shopping experience.

How Do I Find My Bra Size at Home?

When you’re shopping for bras online, it’s important to be measured for your size first. Luckily, when done properly, you can do this at home. Here’s my easy guide to measuring yourself for a bra.

Once you’ve determined your underbust and bust measurement, you’ll know your general cup and band size. This will give you a better idea of where to start. However, keep in mind that because all bra manufacturers measure their bras differently, your size can vary depending on the brand of the bra you buy.

Make sure you remeasure your bra size at least once or twice a year. Your body goes through natural changes throughout your life, and the woman’s bra size changes an average of six times. Bra size can change for many reasons, the most common of which include:

  1. Weight gain or loss

  2. Pregnancy and nursing

  3. Hormonal changes (puberty and menopause)

  4. The natural aging process

If you ever feel as though your current bra doesn’t fit as well as it used to, this is a sign of one of two things: your bra size has changed, or your bra is worn out and needs to be replaced.

To learn how to see if your current bra fits you properly, read my blog post: Lingerie Lowdown: How to Check Your Bra Fit.

How Does Bra Brand Sizing Work?

In a perfect world, all bra brands would use the same sizing system and everything would fit you perfectly and consistently on the first try. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for a couple reasons.

Cup sizing systems differ. If you wear larger than a D cup. Some brands use standard U.S. bra sizing, following the D, DD, DDD, progression and so on. Other brands – especially European brands – go directly from DD to E, F, FF, and so on. This means if you’re a 34DDD in one brand, you may be a 34E in another.

Luckily, I’ve created an exclusive bra sizing system, called the Universal Cup Sizing™ System (or UCS® for short). This allows you to enter your correct bra size in a particular brand, and then you’ll receive your Universal Cup Size that you can use across all bra brands carried by HerRoom.

Some brands and styles tend to run small or large. Naturally, some bras can be a little tighter in certain areas than you’d like or they can be too loose. Luckily, at HerRoom, you can read extensive Fitter’s Comments and real customer reviews on every bra available to get an idea of whether you need to size up or down for a specific bra.

How Do I Know What Bra Styles Work for My Body Type?

Going beyond finding the right size, bras also come in a variety of designs and styles. Learn about every bra style and find out which work best for your body type in the exclusive guide, Bra Styles.

With the right tools and resources (and the right retailer), you can successfully shop for bras you’ll love in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Watch these helpful Expert Videos from the Video Vault for more tips about finding the right bra for you while shopping online.

Bra Fitting: How to Find the Best Fitting Bras

Mastering the Cup Size Game

Ready to get shopping? Explore all the bras HerRoom has to offer here!

Find a better fit,


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