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Packing for the Holidays: Part I

The holiday season is right around the corner. For many of us, that means we have trips planned to visit our friends and family.

Packing lingerie is always a challenge – but can be especially so during the holidays. You want to look your best for parties and events with loved ones you only see a few times a year. Yet, suddenly you won’t have access to everything in your lingerie repertoire. Instead, all you’ll have to work with is what you’ve managed to fit into your suitcase. If you’re a low-key minimalist, this can feel freeing. If you’re concerned about fashion, this can be a nightmare.

In the next two posts, I’ll be breaking down what (and how) to pack lingerie for your holiday trips. This includes determining how much you need to take with you, how to pack efficiently, and how to care for your lingerie while you’re on vacation.

First of all, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1. What’s the forecast? 

If you’re headed for a cold climate, make room in your suitcase for hosiery, tights, and warm socks. If your destination will have warmer weather, consider bringing some moisture-wicking and breathable bras and panties.

2. How long will I be gone?

A long trip means you need to balance how much you want to bring with how much you need to bring. Instead of overpacking, choose lingerie you know will work with most of the clothes you’re bringing and can be washed easily. If your trip is shorter, you can add in a fun bra and panty set and more options just for fun.

3. What’s on the agenda?

A trip home for a long quiet weekend is different from a week-long trip with a full schedule of formal and semi-formal dinners and parties. Based on the attire you pack, you need to consider what lingerie will work best under it (and what lingerie can work under multiple pieces of attire). A convertible strapless bra is great for these situations.

4. What lingerie do I need for the clothes I’m packing?

When packing for a trip and trying to be conservative with how much you bring, the decision of what lingerie to wear under your clothes really boils down to one key question: What works under the most outfits you’re packing? A strapless bra and seamless panty will likely be your best bet if you’re planning on wearing tricky tops or formfitting bottoms.

These questions are just the first step in deciding how and what to pack. In my next post, I’ll explain how to properly pack your lingerie in the space you have.

Feel free to post your own packing tips and tricks in the comments below!

Find a better fit, 


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