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Now All Women Can Wear Bralettes: HerRoom Introduces Freya's New Fancies Bralette

Around HerRoom, it’s been common knowledge that bralettes, those less-structured style bras, are usually best for small-breasted women. Well, I’m happy to say, not anymore. Freya has introduced a fabulous new bralette, Fancies, specifically designed for women who wear up to an HH (D9) cup. The cups are constructed of a double layer of mesh, which offers some support and shaping. The lacy trim and underband give the Freya Fancies a feminine touch. I wouldn’t suggest that large-breasted women wear this for their everyday or special occasion bra, but it’s a great choice around the house or for a casual day. It’s also comfortable enough for sleeping, yet pretty enough for lounging.

Freya sizes this as XS–XL, but the size chart will give you more specific sizing. Like most bralettes, Fancies is a pull-on style and women with larger cups sizes may find this a bit of a challenge to get over their breasts. But the little bit of struggle is worth it–it’s a real breakthrough in styling for curvy women.

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