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No. 9 Bras

Le Mystere No.9 is the first collection of innovative, designer bras incorporating patented technology to compliment the shape of women who have undergone breast enhancement surgery. After breast augmentation, a woman’s shape as well as breast size changes – rounder and fuller on top with wider cleavage. Traditional bras are designed with a more oval-shaped underwire which does not conform easily to an implant’s rounder shape. The No.9 garments take into account all of the anatomic changes that occur after breast enhancement. In order to be fit properly, Le Mystere highly recommends using their fitting guide to aid in correctly sizing yourself for the Le Mystere No.9 product line. Due to the unique changes in cup depth, wire shape and distance between the cups, you may find that the fit of the Le Mystere No.9 bras may be different from other Le Mystere bras. See HerRoom’s guide to bra fitting with breast implants.

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