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New Jockey Bra Sizing: Breakthrough or Bust?

Chances are, by now, you’ve heard a little something about what Jockey is touting as the next big breakthrough in bra sizing. They took the media by storm a few weeks ago, claiming to have reinvented the bra. This raised more than a few hopes (and eyebrows), but is it true? Has Jockey singlehandedly done what no other bra fitting system could, and discovered the key to unlocking our industry’s greatest mystery? Is the Jockey Volumetric Fit System the Rosetta Stone of lingerie?

Intrigued by the possibility, I paid $19.95 and ordered the Fit Kit to learn more. It arrived a few days later with a colorful measuring tape and 10 plastic cups of varying size. One thing I like about Jockey’s band sizing is that it asks you to take your actual measurement, without adding any inches to it. Traditionally, up to four inches are added onto a woman’s under-bust measurement to get her final band size — a practice based on mid-20th century garment design and construction. I’m a fan of a more purist approach to band sizing but until it’s incorporated across the industry, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Also, Jockey’s band is still sized evenly so if you’re an odd number, you’ll need to go up or down. Jockey doesn’t say which.

For the next part, you’re supposed to find which plastic cup best fits your breasts. This is another good idea when you consider things like deflated vs. fuller breasts. Unfortunately, these cups are slightly rigid and not at all transparent. You can’t play around with the shape, and it’s difficult to see whether there’s extra space in there.  Several of the women in our offices tried the kit. Initially, many declared themselves a particular size. When I asked them to keep trying the cups until they reached one that was clearly too big, their results changed.

The Jockey Fit Kit Results from the ladies in our office.

Not only that, after measuring some of the ladies with larger breasts, we realized the new Jockey bras don’t even come in their sizes. That struck me as odd, given most women with sizing challenges are full busted. They could have really benefitted from a customizable solution – the very thing this system is supposed to offer.

I might also add that while Jockey claims this is the closest thing to a custom fit, there are only five styles available. The color selection is also limited. What’s more, none of them offers versatile features like convertibility or embellishments. You’ll still have to venture beyond the Jockey collection if your tastes or needs require a broader selection. I commend Jockey for trying to devise a simpler and more precise bra-fitting method, but I’m not convinced we’ll be abandoning the old ways of sizing anytime soon.

Have you tried the Jockey fit kit? Tell us your results so we can add to our Universal Cup Size™ database.

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