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Lingerie Made Out of Wood

That’s right. Eco-friendly fabric made from wood is now available. French lingerie designer, Sophie Young is designing lingerie with Lenpur fabric under the label By Nature. Her collection, called g=9.8 (the scientific equation for earth’s acceleration due to gravity) claims not only to be eco-friendly, but ultra comfortable and soft as silk, with the feel of cashmere and the coolness of linen. Lenpur is made from white pine trees. Tree trimmings are mixed with enzymes and turned into fibers for weaving. The claim is that these fibers regulate the wearer’s temperature so she is never too hot or too cold. Lenpur is biodegradable and anti-bacterial. It also washes and dries very quickly. Not only is g=9.8 a sexy brand, it is trying to be innovative as well with strong ethics. It has based its entire production in a small village near Angers, France to help strengthen the local economy. The dyes it uses are certified by Oekotex as non-toxic. The pine used is not part of a deforestation project. Young’s line was introduced recently at a Paris ethical fashion show this spring and in Lyon Mode. There is one British company selling the underwear line, but interest has been brisk, and many others retailers have asked for linesheets.

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