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Inside The Fitting Room™ Video Vault: More HerRoom Videos

The HerRoom Video Vault is a part of The Fitting Room™ where you can go watch free informational videos answering all your lingerie fitting and styling questions (and more).

In these videos, you’ll get important knowledge about lingerie and swimwear, like how to choose the right bra for the size and shape of your breasts, how to get the right fit, how to properly layer your undergarments, hosiery and shapewear, how to choose the right swimwear, and more. My goal in creating these videos is to help you feel as confident as possible when you’re choosing and wearing lingerie.

In previous posts, I’ve gone over three of the four video categories:

Bra Fitting & Sizing

Bra Types & Styles

Bra Issues Solved 

In this post, I want to show you the videos for the last lingerie category of the Video Vault: More HerRoom Videos. 

How to Layer Your Undergarments

When you’re wearing more than a bra and panties, things can get a little complicated. Do you put your panties on before or after your garter belt? How do you layer hosiery and shapewear? In this video, I break it down for you.

Garters 101

If you’re not a regular wearer of garters and garter belts, they may seem a little intimidating at first. But you don’t have to worry! Just watch this video to learn everything you need to know about wearing and caring for garters.

Best Panty Styles For Your Bottom Type

Find out more about panty styles and how to choose the right pair of panties for your body type in this video.

How to Fit a One-Piece Swimsuit

Learn how to find a better and more flattering fit when you’re picking out a one-piece swimsuit.

How to Put On Panties the Right Way

Did you know some women aren’t putting their panties on the right way? Learn how to tell if you’re making this panty mistake and how to correct it.

Shapewear: What is Light, Moderate, Firm, & Extra Firm Control? 

Different shapewear comes in different levels of control, depending on how drastic of a change you want to make. In this video, I discuss the different control levels.


Want more informational videos about lingerie? Visit the Video Vault for even more great content.

Don’t forget to explore the wealth of resources about all things lingerie and more at The Fitting Room™.

Find a better fit, 


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