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Inside The Fitting Room™ Video Vault: Bra Issues Solved

If you wear a bra, you already know that picking the right one doesn’t always depend solely on finding the right size. Bras are complicated garments. You’re likely to run into other bra issues depending on your breast type, the bra style you’re wearing, the top you’re wearing over it, bra wear and tear, and several other factors.

Here’s the good news: You’re not alone!

Most bra issues that women encounter are linked to several factors other than size. To help ensure the best fit, look, and comfort for you, I’ve created a library of videos in which I cover the most common and challenging bra issues you may face, along with helpful solutions.

Video Vault: Bra Issues

How To Minimize Back Fat

In this video, I discuss what causes bra lines, back fat and back bulges and how to choose the right bra style, size, and other garments to minimize their appearance.

Why Are My Bra Straps Slipping?

There are few things more irritating than wearing a bra with straps that slip off your shoulders all day long. Watch this video to find out why that happens and how to fix it.

How To Put On A Bra

Putting on a bra may seem simple enough, but there is a way to make sure you’re properly in your cups and supported. Find out more about how a few simple adjustments can change the way your bra makes you look and feel.

How A Bra’s Center Panel Should Fit

The way your bra’s center panel (or gore) sits against your body can tell you a lot about whether you’re in the correct bra size and fit. Learn how to tell if your center panel fits right and what it could mean if it doesn’t.

Best Bras For The Plus Size Petite Woman

If you’re petite and also full-busted, finding a bra that supports you comfortably can be a challenge. In this video, I discuss different features you can look for when choosing the ideal bra for your shape and size.

Why Underwires Can Pop Out Of Your Bra

Learn what causes underwires to poke out of their casing and things you can to do prevent it from happening.

Removing Creases From T-Shirt Bras

One of the best features of the T-shirt bra is the smooth finish the seamless cups create under close-fitting tops. However, sometimes the cups in T-shirt bras can develop creases. Watch this video for some simple tips on how to remove them.

Why Bras Cost So Much

Learn about all the parts that go into creating a bra and why investing a little more money into your bra wardrobe is worth it in the longrun.

Why Your Underwire Is Breaking

On rare occasions, underwires can actually break or snap. Learn about the most common reasons for this and precautions you can take to prevent it from happening.

Cleavage Defined: The Hidden Truth

In this video, I cover what cleavage is, what you need to create cleavage, and tips on bras and accessories to give you the best cleavage.

How To Bend Your Underwires For A Better Fit

Learn how to tell if your breast tissue isn’t fully contained in your bra’s cups and how you can bend your underwires to create a better fit.

The Difference Between USA, EU & UK Bra Sizes

If you’re larger than a D cup, your bra size can vary based on U.S., UK, and EU sizes. Learn the difference in measurements and how you can find the right fit in every bra available at HerRoom using the exclusive Universal Cup Sizing™ System.

Bra Padding: What Are The 3 Types of Bra Foam Padding?

In this video, I discuss the three most common types of foam padding found in bra cups.


Want more great watchable content about bras, panties, swimwear, shapewear, and more? The extensive Video Vault in The Fitting Room™ is full of in-depth videos that cover a variety of lingerie-related topics.

Last month, I covered the Bra Types & Styles section of the Video Vault. In March, I went over the Bra Fitting & Sizing section.

Read the blog: Inside The Fitting Room™ Video Vault: Bra Types & Styles

Read the blog: Inside The Fitting Room™ Video Vault: Bra Fitting & Sizing

Be sure to explore the wealth of resources about all things lingerie and more at The Fitting Room™.

Find a better fit, 


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