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How to Measure for Your Bra Size

Here’s the truth – there is no exact measuring system when it comes to figuring out your proper bra size.Now, I appreciate that this is a rather provocative statement, but after 8 years of helping women find their correct bra size, invariably the tape measure is abandoned and in its place is a conversation about what’s not right about their current size.

First, you need to understand that the tape measuring system was designed by manufacturers to help women with A to D cup sizes only. That’s right, it was never intended for the larger cup sizes, yet retailers will try and make it work anyway.

Measuring to determine your bra size isn’t often accurate because it’s frankly too easy to take the wrong measurements.As an example, when measuring your under-bust, have you first taken a deep breath?Having been a synchronized swimmer in my younger years, my under-bust measurement can expand more than 3” with a good intake of air. Most don’t know that this measurement is to be taken after letting out all your air.

Your tape measure must also be exactly parallel to the floor when taking the under-bust measurement.This is very difficult to do.What if someone handed you a funnel and asked you to take its circumference 1″ down from the top?It would be tough; the tape measure would want to slip.As most of us know, we aren’t columnar shaped, so getting this measurement accurately is almost impossible without help.

Now, those are just the issues with the under-bust measurement.Let’s move on to the bust measurement.Again, the tape measure should be parallel to the floor, and cross over the nipples.Okay, but most of us, except for maybe A cup women, have sagging breasts.So, how do we measure this? Do we take this measurement naked?Do we bend over so that our breasts measure at their fullest?Do we measure while wearing a bra?Do we have someone hold our breasts where we would like them to eventually wind up, then take this measurement?And then, should we breath in or out during this measurement?As you can imagine, all of these considerations will render a different measurement.

The answer is to find your best fitting, non-padded bra, breath out and take this measurement with the tape parallel to the floor.Of course, your best fitting bra is probably wrong (which is the reason you’re going through this exercise in the first place) so even this measurement will be inaccurate.

So, what’s a girl to do to find her correct bra size?What I have found over the years is that treating the ill-fitting symptom with a size change is the most accurate solution.In my next blog entry on this subject, I’ll explain to you what a correctly fitted bra should look like. Knowing this is the first step to getting you to your correct bra size.

You can get more help with measuring for bra size in HerRoom’s fitting guide.

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