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Bra Spotlight: Side-closing b.enticing Underwire Strapless Bra

When it comes to finding the right bra for every look, backless and strapless tops can be especially challenging. If you want support but also want to keep the more technical parts of a bra (such as straps and back hooks) out of sight, your options become very limited. In these situations, you’re often looking at a trade-off: either wear a strapless bra with a band that has visible back hooks or wear a front closure bra that has visible straps.

So, what’s the solution? Can you get the best of both worlds?


While I was visiting the b.tempt’d showroom in NYC, the b.tempt’d by Wacoal b.enticing Strapless Bra caught my attention. For the woman that finds that great backless dress or top, but still wants to wear a bra for support and lift, this bra could be a very pretty alternative solution.

Rather than having a center back closure, this strapless bra is designed with a pretty, uninterrupted lace back design and a cleverly concealed hook and eye side-closure with two adjustments. This allows the back to have the look of a lace bandeau as well as add a much prettier design element to backless tops than a traditional bra with a center back closure.

Many new bra styles have hit the market lately that feature decorative elastic straps in the chest area positioned so they are visible instead of hidden. The back of this bra is also designed to be seen. And, with silicone added along its bottom edges, this bra’s back can be specifically placed along your back where you want it, and it will stay up and stay put.

It’s a very clever new take on the traditional strapless bra, and a great choice for young women to wear under the latest top and dress styles with trendy open and low backs. Not to mention, its fresh modern look gives it the versatility to work great under casualwear as well as formalwear.

More about b.tempt’d

b.tempt’d is actually part of the Wacoal lingerie brand family. A design team of 38 women based out of New York City creates this innovative brand by laser focusing on fashion trends while keeping abreast of the ever-changing designs and colors that reflect each season. The result is a modern collection of everyday lingerie styles that works for young women from cup sizes A to DDD. Shop all b.tempt’d by Wacoal bra styles available at HerRoom.

So, what do you think about this strapless bra? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!

Find a better fit,


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