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All-American Brands

These days, many consumers actively seek out products made in the U.S.A. With so many products outsourced, American manufacturing is something to be proud of and lots of brands would like to jump on that home-grown bandwagon. But, and I didn’t know this, there are actual standards regulating who can use that “Made in the USA” claim. According to the FTC, “made in the USA” means that “all or virtually all the product has been made in America. ” This means the parts, the processing and the labor–or at least a significant part has to be of US origin. Savvy consumers will look for that made-in-the-U.S.A label as a way to support the US economy and, let’s face it, because it’s kind of “in” to buy American these days. It can be really difficult to determine for yourself whether a garment is made in the US, especially when buying online. That’s why I decided to create a specific category of Made in the U.S.A on HerRoom and HisRoom, making it easy to find lingerie and underwear that is domestically produced. I thought I’d highlight a few brands here that can proudly carry that “Made in the U.S.A” designation: RAGO Rago is justly well-known for its fabulous shapewear. All of their garments are 100% domestic, keeping jobs at home and reducing fuel and energy costs. THREE DOTS Aside from the exceptional comfort and fit of Three Dots clothing, there’s another thing to love about this company. All of their designing, cutting, sewing and shipping is handled locally from their California facilities. The company was even nominated for the Made in U.S.A Hall of Fame. HUE Hue’s parent company is Keyser-Roth, a big hosiery manufacturer. According to their website, they make 95% of all their leg wear in the US, with plants in North Carolina and Tennessee. ONLY HEARTS Chic and stylish, Only Hearts lingerie has a distinctly urban feel–which make sense since their lingerie is designed and made in New York City. PISTOL PETE Pistol Pete is known for adventurous mens underwear and swimwear. And all that audacious style is fabricated right here in the US. WIGWAM Wigwam is the grandaddy of sock companies, in business since 1905. They’re justly popular for hard-wearing everyday mens socks. Not only are their socks manufactured in the US, but they also source almost all of their yarn domestically. DONN MASON This California line of mens underwear prides itself not only on the quality of its garments but also on being 100% American-made. They’ve taken it old-school with superior fabrics and attention to detail that is rarely seen these days. There are lots of other brands that manufacturer most, if not all of their products in the United States. Hanky Panky, Spanx, Alo, Beyond Yoga, Splendid, Skweez Couture, Champion and Point 6 to name a few. Aside from lingerie, there are some surprising products that are made in the U.S.A. Take a look at this article from NBC News  to see what other brands you can support if your goal is to buy American.

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