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The HerRoom Logo

The HerRoom logo is the primary visual icon of our identity. The stylized, mono-weight upper-case letter forms with stylized heart separating the two words of Her and Room should never be altered or compromised.


Square Logo

In cases where the standard horizontal logo will not work, we can use the square logo.

Logo Safe Zone

The logo’s safe zone is equivalent to the height of the ‘H’ on all sides. This area should not have any distracting elements in the area the logo is placed over.


Logo Color Variations

Wherever possible, the logo letters should be filled with HerRoom purple (#561B3F) and the heart should be filled with eggplant (#70204E). In cases where we want to make an impact by using a dark background, the entire logo can be white.


A purple logo over solid white background is preferred in most cases.


Logo Lockups

The HerRoom logo lockup is comprised of the HerRoom logo and the "tag line" set in Poppins Medium. This logo lockup should only be used when legibility is ensured, regardless of the background. The HerRoom logo should always have equal or greater visual weight when used with other brand logos.


HerRoom typed out

When is typed out, Her and Room should be initial capped with no space, set in Poppins Medium. The .com should be all lower case set in Poppins light.

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