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The HerRoom Heart

The HerRoom Heart should never have any effects placed on it. And – depending on the background – simply eggplant or white. Widely recognized as a symbol for romance, love and affection, the heart shape has evolved over centuries. The stylized depiction of HerRoom's Heart represents this evolution as we continue to improve and adjust to the ever changing consumer landscape.


Heart Elements

The usage of different elements of the HerRoom Heart can be varied. They enable the intended message of the design to be reinforced by means of individual combination of the various basic elements. In terms of design, various factors influence how many elements to use: typography, background, size requirements and overall impact. It is important for the different shapes to not dominate other design components.


Trimming of The HerRoom Heart

The HerRoom Heart can be trimmed horizontally from below and/or vertically. The following applies to each trimming: the geometrical shape of the Heart must be clearly recognisable. The heart may not be trimmed from the top. The heart may not be trimmed by adjacent images and/or spaces – unless it is a functional interactive space.


Vertically, the heart may only be trimmed on one side as far as half of one side of the heart at the most. If they are trimmed on both sides, no more than one third of the side may disappear. Horizontally, the heart may only be trimmed from below, up to no further than one third of the total image of the heart.

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