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Tone of Voice

Our voice is our power. Everything we say needs to help to bring us closer to our customers. And our customers closer to incredible products that they want. The tone of voice defines how we, as a brand, speak and write. It brings the brand personality to life in linguistic terms. In other words, it is not about what we say or who we are speaking to – but how we do it. Make every word count. Punchy statements. Clear CTAs. Intentional design.

We communicate eloquently, our language is fluent and full of elegance. We emphasize the brand’s authority, but with a sense of understatement and coherence that never comes across as arrogant. We distance ourselves from hollow phrases. Our target group is located in the upper age segments. This means that we use language elegantly and intelligently, while attaching importance to every single word.

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Passiveness neither suits our personality nor our language. We are self-confident doers and this is reflected in our language – we use active sentences wherever possible.

We are not:

  • Overtly Sexy

  • Funny

  • Opiniated

  • Long Winded

  • Talkative

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