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Layout Structure

Clear communication

The flexible layout structure enables content to be conveyed clearly and precisely. Whether filling the entire space or subdivided into several spaces: the division of the layout is geared towards the content of the message to be conveyed.

For this purpose it is also possible to combine several layout elements by means of the heart or elements of the heart. Despite this flexibility, it is important that the clarity of the overall impression is not impaired. 


Application of the Layout Structure

Layouts can feature one or more subdivisions, both horizontally and vertically. The division is straight, rectangular and bled to the edge; it can be either symmetrical or clearly asymmetrical. Both the number of the spaces and their size relative to each other is flexible.

A space can appear as a block of any of the brand colors in full tone or else consist of an image bled to the edge. These full-tone spaces are applied so as to lend emphasis to typography, buttons and icons. The HerRoom Heart can overlay multiple divisions to connect them optically. Typography, however, is only placed within one subdivision.

The creation of carefully conceived layout structures that are rich in contrast avoids fragmentation. The layout structure enables content to be conveyed unambiguously and stories to be narrated flexibly.

Amount of

The Power of the Grid

We have three principles for creating our grid system.

  • Even Spacing

  • Even Margins

  • Flexibility

Using the following approach, we can create a consistent 1:1 grid system that works across all formats.

Social 1080x1080 Aspect Ratio: 1:1
Grid: 30 x 30
Performance Marketing Ad 300x600
Aspect Ratio: 3:6
Grid: 30 x 60
Digital Landscape Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Grid: 48 x 27

Please note that each format requires a different multiplication of its aspect ratio to create the desired density of the grid. This should be considered optically.

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