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Using The Tape Measuring System For Bra Fitting

Is there just one way to find your bra size? In my experience – no.

Four years ago, I set out to educate women on how to find their bra size using the tape measuring system by creating this how-to video.

But I felt we needed an update to the old tape measuring system and recently created this new, more accurate video showing you how to measure for your bra size.

As we mention in the video, this tape measuring method isn’t always the most accurate and I don’t guarantee using it will reveal your true bra size. That said, I do feel there is value in showcasing this method because – for many women, this can be a great starting point to finally finding their bra size.

Once you get a general idea of what size you might be, then it’s time to try on several sizes until you find the one that fits the very best.

You can use this Bra Fitting Checklist to ensure you are wearing the correct size.

For more information, visit our Bra Fitting section where you’ll find expert advice on bra fitting, classifying your breasts and the best bras for your breast type.

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