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Tomima Talks: Swimsuits

This is the time of year when we start thinking about swimwear.  With the pandemic upon us, our trips have been delayed or canceled, our access to water right now is uncertain.  But, if we’re observing social distancing while “staycationing,” a new swimsuit might be a fun pick-me-up until public bodies of water become available.

Swimwear this season has a new point-of-view, along with some exciting new fashion trends. And, with all the new silhouettes available, I feel there is now a swimsuit style that will look great and feel right for every body.

Swimsuits sized like a bra

We’ve been selling bra-sized swimsuits for several years now. But, I want to actually show you the difference they achieve. I pulled two very similar one-piece bathing suits form our inventory – one sized like a swimsuit (size 4) and the other sized like a bra (size 32G(D4). Here is a side-by-side comparison:

The bra-sized suit on our already gorgeous model, Sam, was more flattering and made her look thinner.  That’s my pitch – bra-sized swimwear is way more flattering and a much better fit.

Once-piece swimsuits with bra sizing do require additional sizing & fit considerations because they also cover your midsection. If you’re more pear-shaped or have a larger tummy, consider moving up a band size and down a cup size to get a little more room in the body of the suit (e.g. a 36DD might want to move to a 38D).  My swimsuit buying team also does a great job with our size charts.  Most one-piece suits include hip measurements as well.

2020 Swimsuit Inventory will be low.

This year’s swimsuits, I think, are particularly attractive.  Unfortunately, the pandemic erupted just prior to the start of the swimwear selling season.  Therefore, most retailers were forced to put an immediate halt to their deliveries of this seasonal category.  There will be way fewer suits on the market to choose from this year.  If you have plans for buying one for the summer, now is the time before all the cute ones are gone. Right now, our selection looks fantastic, but even we are being cautious and bringing in less.

2020 Swimsuit Trends

Big this year is swimwear that is more “sport” oriented. Those itsy-bitsy string bikinis that can fall off in a big wave are pretty much gone. Women still want a cute bathing suit; but now it also needs to stay in place should she chose to play volleyball, hop in the water to snorkel, or chase a toddler. I’m personally a big fan of this new swim trend because, as a mother of two daughters, I feel it frees them from walking along a beach and possibly feeling objectified or body shamed. The increased coverage and functionality create confidence and independence.  I’m all for that.

This year one-shoulder suit styles are back again. Last year this trend was mostly found on one-piece suits, but this year this very flattering neckline can be seen in many two-piece swim tops.

The new colors and patterns for 2020 are neon, tie-dye, and animal prints.  Neon colors are bright and look great with or without a tan – this color palette is a win on everyone.  Neon also aligns nicely with the return of the 60’s tie-dye patterns (think Peter Max), so like they always say… “everything old is new again.” Animal prints are still strong this season.  We all have a classic black bathing suit. Animal prints are sort of the new black; they can be mixed with your existing black swimsuit pieces to give you a fresh new look and expand your swimwear wardrobe.  My savvy swimsuit team did a great job selecting animal patterns with touches of black for this very reason.

Sustainable/Reversible swimwear was front and center at the swimwear shows for the 2020 season. My buying team came back very impressed with all the efforts companies have made to find swim fabrics originating from recycled plastic bottles, fishing lines and nets, and repurposed marine plastics. You can find all our environmental offerings by filtering on “sustainable” in our swimwear features filter. Another rather clever approach the swim manufacturers took this year to address sustainability was creating swimwear that is two-in-one or reversible. The thinking is that you’ll buy less because each reversible piece gives you two options.  Again, we have included “reversible” in our swimwear filtering to help you see all these clever and innovative styles.

Descriptions, Videos & Photography

If I may, I’d like to brag about the great job my content team does to bring you the very best information on swimwear.  Being women-focused, we know what you’re looking for.  This is why every swimsuit we sell has a highly detailed description and product measurements.  Every swimsuit is put on a body for fit testing – if it doesn’t fit, we don’t buy it.  We create 360 videos using live models so you can see it from all angles as well as see how it moves with the body.  Our photography catches every detail.  It may not be pretty, but if there is a detail inside the suit, we turn it inside out and show it to you.  If there are removable pads or straps, we take it apart so you can see this as well. My team wants to make sure you have the most information so you can make the best swimsuit choices for you.  As you can tell, I’m extremely proud of the work this team does for you. I hope you’ll come look and take advantage of all their hard work.

Again, swimwear will be scarce this year.  If you think you’ll want a new swimsuit, now’s the time to start shopping.  And, I hope you’ll give our selection a look.


Tomima Founder & CEO

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