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Sexy Lingerie for the Not So Teeny Tiny and Women of a Certain Age

Part 2| My previous post covered how to use intimate apparel to de-emphasize the appearance of soft tissue. Now let’s move onto the fun stuff – sexy essentials. Let me start by saying, you should never let your size or age hold you back from wearing something you love. And, since what we’re talking about here isn’t street attire, you needn’t fear being pictured in a fashion rag along with a “What Not to Wear” headline. If you’re comfortable wearing a slinky thong, more power to you. For women who aren’t, here’s what I advise:

  1. Pick pieces that play up his favorite parts of your body. If he’s a “leg man,” garters, stockings and heels are a surefire way to direct his gaze to your gorgeous gams. No woman in the history of the world ever went wrong with garters and stockings.

  2. Get all dolled up in a sultry chemise or seductive babydoll gown. Styles with empire waists and those with wide or plunging necklines help divert attention from problem zones. Some even come with built-in cups, underwires and padding to make you look great.

  3. Pass on high-waist panties, unless you want to accentuate your midsection. Sexy bikini panties are far more flattering, even if you have tummy or are over 50. Try sheer panties; the sheerer, the better. You can be covered but teasing with sheer fabrics.

If you’re a mature woman or plus-size, see if these suggestions give you some inspiration for turning up the heat. Bottom line: you can find amazingly sexy looks for your frame or stage in life – no matter what it is. The trick is to change your thinking and look for different lingerie styles.

Queen Latifah shows off her curves beautifully.

One last tip … Don’t forget to choose items that come off easily and quickly. After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

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