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Lingerie Laundering Tips for Sensitive Skin

We all know that laundering a bra takes special care to preserve its form and delicate fabrics. But women with sensitive skin have additional challenges. I often hear from customers who find that laundry detergent, even some made for delicate fabrics, causes rashes, itching and general misery.  So, how do you preserve delicate lingerie and protect your skin?

  1. Wash a new bra before wearing it. Bras are often sprayed with starch, which gives the fabric firmness, making it easier to sew. Lacy bras, which can be difficult to sew, are loaded with starch, which is why so many women, especially those with sensitive skin, find them scratchy or itchy. Washing the bra a few times, with a gentle, scentless laundry detergent will remove the starch and make the bra feel much softer.

  2. Instead of using detergent to wash lingerie, use the same shampoo or body wash that you use on your skin. Either one, which you already know is safe for your skin, will get them just as clean.

  3. Use a special product formulated for delicates and for sensitive skin. There are hypoallergenic cleaning products on the market that some of our customers swear by, including Eucalan Wash, Soak Wash, Forever New and Le Blanc. Buy a small size first to see the product works for you.

  4. Try adding a protective layer between your skin and the bra by wearing a bra liner. These wick away moisture and can reduce friction, which may help you avoid rashes and redness.

HerRoom has lots of additional tips for washing lingerie and if you use our guidelines and try some of the ideas I’ve suggested here, you’ll not only preserve bras and other lingerie but also protect your sensitive skin. Photo source: CosmoUK

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