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Let’s Talk Socks: Different Lengths for Different Looks

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Many of us don’t think much about socks. After all, socks are just garments that hide under your shoes and pants – right? Well, in truth, socks are every bit as important to your ensemble as any other undergarment or part of an outfit. After all, we all love to style our bras and panties. Socks are another way we can express ourselves, add something extra to our looks, and make getting dressed that much more fun.

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There are so many different sock styles out there. At HerRoom, we have a large selection of women’s socks to pair with every shoe and outfit in your closet. Pick whatever style and fit you want, and then choose your favorite colors like black, white and neutral or try something trendy like bold colors, novelty prints, eye-catching patterns and detailed textures.

With the right pair of socks, you might just find that the best part of planning your outfit is adding a cute pair of socks in a trendy style.

Not sure what length of sock to wear with what? Let us break all the options down for you.

Types of socks (based on length)

In addition to a variety of materials, patterns, styles and colors, socks are made in a number of different lengths. Read on to learn more!

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Wear with: casual, low-cut and athletic shoes

Also referred to as low-cut socks, ankle length socks are typically no-show socks that are worn under low-cut footwear like casual shoes, sneakers, loafers and oxfords. They create an urbane look, while also being helpful for keeping feet dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture and protecting from blisters.

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Wear with: casual shoes, professional shoes, heels, trousers, jeans, skirts and shorts

Quarter length socks rise above the ankle and stop right at the beginning of the shin. They’re great for when you want to protect your feet and ankles from blisters and get a little more ankle coverage than low-cut ankle length socks. Match your quarter length socks to your outfit for a professional look or get more playful and trendy by adding a pop of peek-a-boo color with a fun, bright hue or pattern.

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Wear with: dress shoes, heels, boots and athletic shoes

Crew length socks run anywhere from 6-8 inches height, covering your ankles, shins, and – depending on the length of your legs – can reach your calf muscles. Their extra protection and coverage makes crew socks especially popular in cold weather and for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, running, and climbing.

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Wear with: professional shoes, heels, boots, athletic shoes, trousers, skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans

Mid-calf length socks are longer than crew length socks, rising further up the calf muscles. Many styles are available in warm fabrics such as wool blends to keep your legs warm during the colder months. Some styles are also available in sheer, mesh or fishnet fabrics for a trendy look.

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Wear with: casual shoes, heels, athletic shoes, dress shoes, skirts, shorts, pants and activewear

Calf length socks completely cover the calf muscles reach below the knee. They give great protection and coverage during the winter and during athletic activity. The higher rise is great for movement because they won’t ride down. Calf length socks can also be worn with shorts and skirts for a cool, trendy look.

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Knee High

Wear with: boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, skirts, dresses, shorts and trousers

Knee-length socks rise to the knees to create a high-end fashion look, especially when worn under boots. These socks provide great protection and warmth in cold weather and are known as a popular school uniform accessory for women in the 80s and 90s.

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Thigh High

Wear with: Boots, casual shoes, dress shoes, heels, skirts, dresses and shorts

Thigh high socks go above the knees and reach the thighs. Women love to pair them with skirts and dresses. Available in a variety of different weights, colors, patterns, materials and textures, thigh high socks are a great way to add some fun and flattering style to your look.  

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Do you have any questions or style suggestions for us? Share them in the comments below, or on our Facebook or Twitter!

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