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Is He Keeping His Options Open?

If you read this headline and wondered whether my blog veered off course from our usual topics, fear not. It’s my tongue-in-cheek way to kick start the subject of today’s post. After all, this is a lingerie blog, and not a relationship column. My focus remains in the realm of undies. So, let me ask again: Is He Keeping His Options Open? By that, I mean, does he seem wedded to only one style of underwear or open to a little experimenting? I believe variety is the spice of life, and no single style can satisfy all needs. That’s why I’ve put together my Fantastic Five of men’s underwear basics. #1 Boxers

Whatever his shape, every man looks good in boxers. It’s also socially acceptable to wear them lying around the house. Traditional cuts hang loosely from waist to just above mid thigh. Most have a functional front fly and feature a full rise with 3” inseam. Full-cut boxers are often designed with a gore, the U-shaped panel between the legs, which reduces binding. This style comes in slimmer cut versions, too, with tapered legs. These typically have side vents for mobility. #2 Briefs

A more body-conscious style, the brief, offers freedom of movement, won’t bunch up under clothes, and keeps things from dangling. Even boxer wearers should keep a couple pairs of briefs around for lower-slung pants and shorts. Standard briefs cover the waist to top of thigh, while the mid-rise sits about 2” below the waist. Lower-rises rest on the hip. Briefs have either an overlap fly or a contour pouch. The latter offers great support and nice definition.

#3 Boxer Briefs

The boxer brief brings together the best aspects of briefs and boxers. The fit and fly design more closely resembles briefs while offering a longer, boxer-like leg. Design issues with early versions turned some men off of this style because the legs were too tight, too loose or prone to creeping up. New designs eliminate most of these problems, so if your guy tried them once and didn’t like them, they’re worth another shot. They’re also very forgiving of less-than-perfect physiques. #4 Trunks

If he isn’t into boxer briefs, he might prefer a trunk style. That’s the newest silhouette in men’s underwear. It’s basically a boxer brief with a shorter inseam. The look is similar to swim trunks from the 1950s, and comes with all of the advantages of boxer briefs. #5 Bikinis

I might get some pushback on suggesting that all men stock their wardrobes with a few bikinis, but they’re a “must have” for today’s hip-hugging fashions. This style is the lowest cut and offers the least amount of coverage in men’s underwear styles (thong and jock strap excluded). The top elastic sits approximately 4″ below the waist but still provides full rear coverage. The fly is nonfunctional and there are no side panels. Word of warning: unless you’re in top shape, steer clear of this style. For a quick read on the latest trends in men’s underwear – colors, fabrics, advantages and drawbacks of seat design and seaming – see my latest blog for Lingerie Briefs: “The Lowdown on Men’s Underwear.” And, remember to write me with what’s in your man’s drawers.

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