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4 Ways to Pick the Perfect One-Piece

Take the Stress out of Swimsuit Shopping with Tomima’s Tips

You’ve been putting it off, haven’t you?

Every spring, you tell yourself, “Oh, I can get one more year out this old suit. I don’t need to shop for a swimsuit right now.” This is a familiar story we tell ourselves to avoid facing that unforgiving three-way mirror. But, you are not alone. You’ve come to the right place. This is your year to take the plunge. And we’ll do it together.

It’s time to turn fear into fabulous!

Let’s start with the perfect strategy for picking a figure-flattering one-piece. I prefer one-piece suits for a couple of reasons.  Having birthed two girls, my tummy skin is a little loose. Also, having grown up as a competitive synchronized swimmer, I prefer the coverage and security of knowing nothing will come unfastened. However, we all know that even the one-piece can be tricky to fit. So, that’s why I’ve created this special video just for you. Learn my secrets to choosing a swimsuit you’ll love – and rock it!

I founded, because I am passionate about giving you the right tools to change the way you feel about swimwear, lingerie – and your own gorgeous body. Give yourself permission to dive right in – with my essential swim-style tips:

  1. Suit Yourself

As we know, swimsuit selection can be stressful, but I’ve found it’s easier in a relaxed, familiar environment. Take some time for yourself without distractions – without worrying about your kids running around outside the dressing room or the salesperson who might waltz in while you are trying on that crocheted tankini. Here’s my advice — browse our specially curated collection of on-trend and classic suits in the Swimwear boutique on  From athletic to glamorous, you’ll find the perfect look to fit your figure and personal style – we have the largest online selection at your fingertips.

  1. Splash of Color

Toss out that tired, ten-year-old black suit, and go for something fun and bright. But, if black is just your go-to, you can try adding some contrast with a splash of color on the top or bottom of a tankini. That way, you’ll have two completely different looks, as well. Remember, color-blocking is your friend. On the one-piece, contrasting vertical side panels can take inches off your figure, and it’s all an optical illusion. If you like the slimming effect of black, maybe try deep burgundy, navy or emerald for a change. Plus, strategically placed stripes work magic, too. Look for stripes of varying widths – cut on the bias or diagonally placed to cinch in your waistline and emphasize your voluptuous curves. The above suit is Gottex’s Lanscape Convrtible One Piece Swimsuit in Cranberry. 

  1. Fit Matters

Yes, proper fit is essential. It begins and ends there. Your breasts should be supported with cups that accommodate your size and shape. It’s worth the extra time to take your measurements today, and line them up with the sizes associated with the designers you love. On, you can browse by bra size, a great shopping trick I strongly recommend – especially if your top is one size and your bottom is another. You can always put together a tankini and panty combo to achieve an on-trend one-piece look.  Easier in and out, too.  And, particularly for the traditional one-piece, the torso-to-crotch measurement and the suit bottom should not be too snug – to avoid that uncomfortable “wedgie” situation in or out of the water.

  1. Curve Appeal

Do your homework. Know your body type and proportions. That way, you can pick a suit that punctuates your pluses and minimizes your minuses.  Try a high-cut hip to elongate the leg. If you have a thin figure with fewer curves, add some volume to balance your shape – with ruffles, hip ties, ruching, cup padding, skirts or sarongs. Some examples:

  1. Bottom-heavy figure: Consider a solid-color that has a clean-cut bottom portion to maximize a slim appearance.  Avoid busy prints, detailing and excess fabric on the bottom to direct focus to the top.

  2. Top-heavy figure:  If you have great cleavage, flaunt it! A well-constructed one-piece with a plunging neckline will definitely mesmerize.

No matter what your shape or size, you can amplify your unique beauty and spirit. Relax and embrace your own personal style with summer sizzle. It’s all about your unstoppable confidence and stylish comfort – whether you are on the beach, boat –  or your own backyard patio.

Come on in. The water’s great!

Find a better fit,


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