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Minimizer Bras 101

What is a minimizer bra? What does a minimizer bra do? Do I need a minimizer bra? This video provides answers to these commonly asked questions.

How to Prevent Nipple Show-through

A very common desire for women in the US, is preventing nipple show-through with their clothing. Here are several solutions to this problem.

Best Bras For The Plus Size Petite Woman

Women who are petite in height and full-busted know that finding a bra that fits properly and is supportive can be a challenge. This video shows what to look for when you are petite-plus and purchasing a bra.

Removing Creases From T-Shirt Bras

Make your lingerie look better longer by laundering it properly. We’ll show you how to remove those pesky creases from the padded cups in your t-shirt bras.

How to Fit a One-Piece Swimsuit has released a new “How to Fit a One-Piece Swimsuit” video just in time for Spring. Watch the video and learn all about One-Piece Swimsuits how to get your best fit for the upcoming swim season.

How to Find Your Perfect Bra Size

Do you feel like your bra isn’t fitting quite right? In just two steps, Tomima Edmark, Owner and President of Andra Group will teach you how to find your perfect fit every time, starting with the bra size you’re already wearing.

Garters 101

For many women, garter belts can be an intimidating piece of lingerie to buy and wear. Whether you’re seeking function or flirtation, we’ll tell you what to look for so you can make the right choice.

How to Layer Your Undergarments

If you’ve ever tried to layer your shapewear, pantyhose, and undergarments but found it was too uncomfortable, we’ve got help for you! In this video we’ll show you the best way to layer your shapewear.

Why Underwires can Pop Out of Your Bra

Ever wondered why your underwires are popping out? Watch our video to find out—and how you can prevent it from happening again.

How Large Cup-sized Girls Find Their True Cup Size

If your bra size is above a D cup, finding the right bra can be tricky. With some help from our friends at Curvy Kate, we’re helping you find your best fit every time.

Why Bras Cost So Much?

Bra construction, durability, style and design influence a bras cost, as demonstrated with Prima Donna brand bras in our educational video: Why Bras Cost So Much?

The Best Panty Styles for Your Bottom Type

Our ‘Best Panty Styles for Your Bottom’ video helps find the most complimentary panty type for your shape – whether it be women’s briefs, french cut, boy shorts, tangas or thongs.

Finding the Right Sports Bra | HerRoom

There are many types of sports bras, styles such as compression, encapsulated, zip-front and no closure sports bras are available for active women and discussed in this helpful video.

Bras for Women with Small Cup Sizes | HerRoom

Bralettes, Push up bras, padded bras and bras without underwires are all good options for women with small cup sizes. Check out our informative video about small cup sized bras on HerRoom.

Best Supportive Bras – Seamed Bras | HerRoom

What is the most supportive bra? Watch our video about Bras with seams in the cups (often called ‘seamed bras’, ‘cut-and sew’ or ‘multi-part’ bras) which tend to offer the most support.

Bras For Strapless and Backless Dresses | HerRoom

What are the best bra choices for strapless and backless dresses? Strapless and backless bras are here to help! Find out how in this informative video from HerRoom.

Top 10 Bra Styles Every Woman Should Own

Finding the right bra style can be a challenge. How many bras do I really need? When do I need an underwire bra? Do I need a strapless bra? What’s a seamed-cup bra? Find out all this and more in this new video from HerRoom.

How to Minimize Bra Back Fat – HerRoom

The best way to eliminate back bulge is knowing how bras should fit. Learn how to pick bras and shapewear to keep your curves in the right places.

Mastering the Cup Size Game – HerRoom

All D cup bras are the same, right? Wrong. Changing band sizes mean the cups change too. HerRoom shows you how to make sense of the cup size game.

Sister Bra Sizes – HerRoom

Different company’s bras might fit differently; but knowing your sister bra size can help you find the right fit, every time. HerRoom shows you how.

How a Bra’s Center Panel (or Gore) Should Fit – HerRoom

Different company’s bras might fit differently; but knowing your sister bra size can help you find the right fit, every time. HerRoom shows you how.

Why Are My Bra Straps Slipping? – HerRoom

Narrow shoulders? Is my bra the wrong size or just worn out? The truth about slipping bra straps may surprise you. Find the answer and the cure at HerRoom.

How To Put On a Bra – HerRoom

The way you put a bra on can make a huge difference in how it feels. We’ll show you the best way to get the best fit.

Plus Size Bra Fitting – HerRoom

Finding the right plus size bra can be a challenge. Am I a DD? Or an F cup? If you’ve ever wondered, Universal Cup Size by HerRoom can help.

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